Deltacore Capital LLC launches Deltacore Digital Global LP

AUSTIN, TX, Apr 9, 2021 - (ACN Newswire) - Deltacore Capital LLC, the firm that manages Deltacore Digital Assets LP, a hedge fund that specializes in digital assets, has announced Deltacore Digital Global LP, a 506(c) overseas fund offering for international clients who wish to access Deltacore's proprietary investment strategy, which has yielded 560.9% since its inception in April 2018. Austin-based Deltacore has been at the forefront of digital asset trading in the United States and is now placed to offer this opportunity to individuals and institutions around the globe.

Deltacore employs proprietary solutions that give it a unique advantage in the digital asset market. In addition to its research-driven, risk-managed investment strategies, Deltacore utilizes multiple verticals to complement its primary strategy, delivering upside during market volatility. But it doesn't adopt a single-step approach to a market that is evolving daily. Deltacore has developed a technical trading strategy, focused on momentum and event-driven trades, using lending, staking, and other decentralized (DeFi) strategies to capture additional yield. The team is dedicated to providing clients full exposure to digital assets, with a risk management structure inherent in traditional hedge funds.

This has placed Deltacore Digital Assets LP in the top 40 of all 13,338 reporting funds by measuring its 2020 net performance according to Preqin. Deltacore Digital Assets has received multiple recognition awards for net monthly returns and ranks among the top 10 in BARCLAYHEDGE Cryptocurrency by Sharpe ratio, over a rolling 12 month period.

"We're not here to predict markets, we're here to be prepared for markets. Regardless of what happens, there's always an opportunity. Preparation and proactive strategies keep us running during the toughest of times," said Mark Palomba, Founder, CIO and General Partner at Deltacore Capital.

The launch of Deltacore Digital Global LP marks a step in the continued growth of Deltacore Capital, and the crypto asset market generally. With top economists and institutions moving into the cryptocurrency space, and the world moving towards mass adoption, the market for digital assets is only in the beginning stages. What was a relatively unknown investment vehicle a few years ago has recently become an essential addition to any portfolio. To learn more about Deltacore Capital LLC, please visit

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