On Demand Courier Ixpress647 Providing Cheap and Reliable Delivery Services Amid Covid-19

On Demand Courier Ixpress647 Providing Cheap and Reliable Delivery Services Amid Covid-19

Ixpress647, Singapore tech-logistics company lowered pricing for its on-demand courier delivery platform, making it the cheapest in Singapore while still maintaining efficiency and reliability.

SINGAPORE, April 27, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Courier on Demand Tech-Company Ixpress647 has lowered the pricing of all of its services. Ixpress647 is offering flat rates Island-wide for the same day and next-day deliveries from only $7, making them the most affordable courier option. This change has been implemented to help online business owners, as well as companies in Singapore, cope with the economical stress brought by Covid-19. 

$7 flat-rate island-wide delivery

Unlike other courier platforms, Ixpress647 has not been charging their drivers a fixed rate commission for every order accepted. Instead, they charge a subscription fee to their drivers of $79.90 per month compared to hundreds of dollars of commission fees that is charged by similar companies. This has allowed flexibility on delivery charges as drivers are not bothered by the commission deduction from each delivery order. Amid this Covid-19 crisis, Ixpress647 has decided to lower down their pricing further for all services given the advantage they have, providing affordability while still maintaining service quality and timely deliveries. Reliable and cheap deliveries have become the new normal.

Thousands of deliveries completed daily with 98% success rate

Relying heavily on modern technology and automation, Ixpress647 has been able to produce results. Daily, thousands of orders are being dispatched to hundreds of delivery agents all over Singapore. With the help of an Artificial Intelligence Algorithm, delivery assignments are always dispatched to the nearest and most available driver in the vicinity. If there is an issue with an order, a customer has multiple ways to contact the company via live online chat, Whatsapp and email. Admins are available 12 hours daily from 9 a.m. - 9 p.m. to attend to such cases. If a driver cancels an order, it will be reassigned automatically without any human intervention.  

App designed for convenience

Ixpress647 courier has multiple features that are specifically designed for convenience and ease of use. The customer dashboard seamlessly combines multiple technologies into one singular application, providing extensive details of your delivery order. Features such as live tracking, order history, address book, monthly summary and digital proof of delivery will put your mind at ease as it keeps you up to date from the start to the end. Creating an order takes less than a minute and the price will be shown immediately before checkout. Prices are transparent and final.

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Email: marketing@islandxpress647.com

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