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Design Meets Function: Geberit Imagines An Easier and More Enjoyable Life at Singapore Interior Design Festival 2021

Design Meets Function: Geberit Imagines An Easier and More Enjoyable Life at Singapore Interior Design Festival 2021

SINGAPORE, July 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Now in its third year, the Singapore Interior Design Festival 2021 ("SIDFest") is rallying together all sectors of the design industry to celebrate innovation and reflect positively on the impact of the global pandemic. In line with the festival's theme, "Optimised/Optimism," Geberit Managing Director Simon Wong delivered a talk underscoring the need for balance between elegant design and outstanding functionality as the industry imagines a post-COVID future.

Titled "Design Meets Function", Wong highlighted four trends in home design, including smaller, better-designed homes, universal design and accessibility features, a healthy living environment, and technology incorporated into homes. Furthermore, Wong elaborated how these trends were underpinned by six key needs in bathroom design — design, space, cleanliness, comfort, accessibility and usability — and how Geberit products address these to enhance quality of life.

"Geberit is not only focused on design, but design and function — and that function includes installation of know-how. Only by combining all three can we optimize the performance of the bathroom, offer truly outstanding design for our products, and future-proof the bathroom of today," said Wong.

Smaller, better-designed homes

Urbanization has promoted the rise of homes that meet both aesthetic and living needs on a smaller floor plan. Recognizing this, Geberit has maximized comfort and usable space in the bathroom with efficient engineering. By combining Geberit Installation Systems (G.I.S.) with clever planning, which involves keeping pipes on the same floor and concealed cisterns behind the wall, the company creates more usable space in the bathroom.

Beyond space-saving, the company has partnered with world-class designers such as Antonio Citterio and Christoph Behling to create award-winning art pieces in the bathroom, such as the striking AquaClean Mera shower toilets.

"Sleek and highly customizable, the Sigma21 and Sigma50 actuator plates offer greater design freedom with a variety of metallic colors and real textures, shapes, finishings, surface even options, and top or front actuation," added Wong.

Universal design and accessibility features

Recognizing that different household members have different requirements, the company offers a range of sizes for wall-hung WCs to suit different spaces with flexible flush controls on the rear or side. Select products, such as the shower toilet and actuator plates, also feature discreet lighting to help guide people when navigating around the bathroom at night.

Wong said, "We fulfill accessibility needs with easy product maintenance. Its concealed cisterns can be serviced without any tools, and modular technology ensures its shower toilets are easy to access and clean."

A healthy living environment

Whether in the public or private space, individuals are becoming more conscious of indoor air and water quality, cleanliness, and hygiene. In response, Geberit has introduced design features that promote sleek yet sanitary bathroom design. Its wall-hung WCs have fewer surfaces to maintain, while actuator plates have easy-to-clean surfaces or special coatings that can quickly be wiped down.

Geberit has also incorporated advancements for effortlessly clean bathrooms, from its TurboFlush technology to its DuoFresh Odor Extraction Module and Geberit Rimfree Technology.

Technology incorporated into homes

As technology becomes intertwined in daily life, bathroom infrastructure needs to be at the forefront of innovation. Geberit invests heavily in R&D to enhance efficiency, improve usability and conserve resources.

From touchless taps to actuator plates, Geberit products incorporate the latest hands-free technology to minimize interaction with surfaces. Other advancements include WhirlSpray shower technology, which cleans more intensely yet lowers water consumption, and seamless shower toilet operation via Geberit's AquaClean app.

The products mentioned above can be found here.

About Geberit:

The globally operating Geberit Group is a European leader in the field of sanitary products. Geberit operates with a strong local presence in most European countries, providing unique added value when it comes to sanitary technology and bathroom ceramics. The production network encompasses 29 production facilities, of which 6 are located overseas. The Group is headquartered in Rapperswil-Jona, Switzerland. With around 12,000 employees in around 50 countries, Geberit generated sales of CHF 3.0 billion in 2020. The Geberit shares are listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange and have been included in the SMI (Swiss Market Index) since 2012.

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