D'HYON WATCHES Kickstarter Launching 13th May

D'HYON WATCHES Kickstarter Launching 13th May

SYDNEY, May 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Australian based D'HYON WATCHES is launching its Kickstarter campaign on the 13th May, designed to capture the you in every watch. D'HYON WATCHES is on Kickstarter with exclusive discounts for early backers: www.kickstarter.com/projects/dhyonwatches/dhyon-watches

D'HYON WATCHES - 50 Combinations at Your Disposal.
D'HYON WATCHES - 50 Combinations at Your Disposal.

Minimalist. Classic. Versatile. These ideals are D'HYON WATCHES, a series of five watches with 50 combinations to choose from.

D'HYON WATCHES finds its origins at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. During this time of isolation, founder Hartley Dhyon envisioned a timepiece that connected people at a time when connection seemed distant.

"I wanted to make a watch for people that would be an expression of them and accompany the wearer on their personal journey," said Hartley.

Making a timepiece that could capture the individuality of the wearer inspired the minimalist in D'HYON WATCHES.

During the design process, the aim was to capture the essence of a watch and embed that in the dial, a classic, timeless design.

"Watches have been around for centuries and our design recognises this continuing legacy," said Hartley.

To make this project a reality, D'HYON WATCHES worked with German watchmaker David Bana, a watchmaker with years of experience in the industry. After months of work and collaboration, the result was five watches. Each minimalist but classic in design.

Creating a watch is only half the story. A strap will influence the feel of the watch and adds a personal flair. D'HYON WATCHES provides high quality genuine leather, nylon and 316L stainless steel mesh straps with quick release functions. With 50 combinations at the user's disposal, D'HYON WATCHES is both versatile and dynamic.

D'HYON WATCHES are high-quality timepieces built to last. The 316L stainless steel casing with a screw down case back allows for 50M/5ATM water resistance. Enclosing the dial is our Sapphire Crystal glossed with two-sided anti-reflective coating for increased scratch resistance.

D'HYON WATCHES use a Japanese MIYOTA Movement that has a 60-month battery life that is made for the long run.

D'HYON WATCHES was founded by 21-year-old Hartley Dhyon, a young entrepreneur based in Western Sydney, Australia. He has spent over a year developing D'HYON WATCHES, hoping to create something that is not just meaningful to him but to each person who wears a D'HYON WATCH.

D'HYON WATCHES is on Kickstarter with exclusive discounts for early supporters. To pledge, go to www.kickstarter.com/projects/dhyonwatches/dhyon-watches or visit www.dhyonwatches.com for more information.


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