Dick Lee returns to stage this January with 6 intimate performances to raise funds for Singapore Repertory Theatre

PHOTO: Singapore Repertory Theatre

Dec 15 2020 - Dick Lee returns to the stage in an intimate performance of storytelling and song.

Where his earlier productions have taken us from his humble beginnings as a teen talent in the 1970s (Wonder Boy) to his road to Japan in the 80s (The Adventures of the Mad Chinaman), we now go headlong into his Asian experience in the 90s. 

From representing Singapore all over Asia, to being at the heart of the Cantopop action in Hong Kong, Dick's fears and frustrations fuel his dreams and lead him to his Singaporean identity.

Untold stories are revealed, along with unreleased songs from his private songbooks, in this special 90-minute solo recital that's not-to-be-missed. 

"We are thrilled that Dick, our Associate Artistic Director, friend, and collaborator offered us to do a few up-close-and-personal concerts for us.

"2020 was a rough ride, so starting the year on a happier note in Dick Lee's good company bodes for a much better 2021," said Charlotte Nors, SRT's Managing Director.

"This Year-of-the-Pandemic has been a strange roller-coaster ride of emotions, catapulting me from misery and deep reflection to positivity and an unfamiliar new energy.

"Being a hopeless pragmatist, I turned my isolation into creative use, and revisited some of my old loves, drawing and songwriting.

"I spent much of my life writing songs as a means of self-expression, and then more purposefully when I went into music full-time, but my interest waned at the end of the Nineties, and the 21st century saw me move in a different direction.

"As I pursued interests old and new, I began a phase of songwriting-on-commission, setting my music only to given themes, including musicals," said Dick Lee.

Lee added, "It's only this year, 2020, when I was redirected to my musical roots - perhaps the very roots of my being - and I found myself sitting at the piano again.

"And how I missed my old friend! How I missed the great partnership we've always had, accompanying each other to express joys and sadness, and in this year's case, anxieties and introspection.

"It was only in February, at the start of the pandemic, that I performed an intimate show in a jazz club - just me, my piano and a small audience - and poured my heart and music out to them. 

"This time, I am blessed to be able to do it again, and I can't wait to share more of my journey towards finding my identity, as well as many songs from my past which have not been heard in a while.

"My previous shows charted my transition from my first album Life Story (in 1974) to my eighth, The Mad Chinaman (1989), but now I will continue to share my experiences in Japan and Hong Kong, and take you up to where I am today." 

Ticket Information  

Dates: Jan 19-24, 2021 
Prices: From $100 
Venue: KC Arts Centre - Home of SRT 
Ticketing: SISTIC at 6348 5555 or www.srt.com.sg 

For more information and interview opportunities, please contact: Charlotte Nors, Managing Director - charlotte@srt.com.sg