Digital Health Technologies Foster Growth Opportunities for Stakeholders in the APAC Health Systems

Technology pioneers will introduce innovations that will drive the transition towards value-based care in APAC

SINGAPORE, March 29, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Increasing digitalization across APAC is paving the way for growth and investment opportunities in technologies like cognitive intelligence, virtual reality, voice interfaces and digital ecosystems as the region shifts toward value-based care. Challenges, however, continue to exist in developing interoperability standards, ensuring cybersecurity, and establishing regulatory frameworks that enable value-based care and care delivery standardization.

Frost & Sullivan's research, Key Trends in Digital Health, Asia-Pacific, 2018, reveals that increased adoption of AI technologies and evolution of digital ecosystems will demonstrate individual and population-level improvements in health outcomes across APAC in 2018.

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"While technologies and tools to support value-based care can and are being introduced in APAC, what the region really needs is better awareness of the meaning and benefits of value-based care to patients and health systems as a whole. There remains an important gap in terms of understanding the concept of value-based care which can only be bridged by introducing health system and payment model reforms in this direction," said Natasha Gulati, Industry Manager, Digital Health, Frost & Sullivan.

Key priorities for Healthcare IT stakeholders to take advantage of emerging growth opportunities:

  • Prepare for policy change by honing the ability to be adaptable and nimble;
  • Focus on quick wins to help improve provider usability and workflow integration;
  • Explore emerging markets, particularly the Philippines and Vietnam;
  • Partner with local start-ups and tier 2 vendors to increase penetration in specific countries; and
  • Introduce new care paradigms, such as precision medicine, to be positioned as a thought leader and innovator.

Health Data Continuity and Intelligence Cloud digital trends are key areas of investment and industry focus in 2018, with the current imperative of ensuring interoperability and smooth data exchange across medical records, both within and across hospitals. In addition, Voice and Speech Recognition Solutions are also being adopted to enable better patient interaction and engagement.

"AI and cognitive intelligence are, undoubtedly, the buzz words across the provider arena in APAC. Some pilots are being conducted with the goal of demonstrating the power of AI in various facets of healthcare. Amongst these, clinical decision support tools have garnered maximum attention even though they are out-numbered by hospital optimization projects," said Gulati.

Key Trends in Digital Health, Asia-Pacific, 2018 is part of Frost & Sullivan's Global Digital Health Growth Partnership Services program.

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Key Trends in Digital Health, Asia-Pacific, 2018

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