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Digital platform Helixtap Technologies to drive value and innovation in the rubber ecosystem

Digital platform Helixtap Technologies to drive value and innovation in the rubber ecosystem

SINGAPORE, Nov. 12, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Helixtap Technologies, the independent, digital platform innovator for commodities focusing on the physical rubber industry, today announces the launch of its beta version of Helixtap Ecosystem. Helixtap Ecosystem offers a simple, secure, digital access point for all rubber market participants to benefit from lower transaction costs and improved access to pre-trade, trade and post-trade markets.

Helixtap Ecosystem matches the appropriate participant to the appropriate opportunity, by providing the right information, processes and tools for better speed, accuracy, convenience, and accountability, driving transparency for the entire supply chain. 

The natural rubber industry has been more opaque than other traded commodities, but with digital technologies from Helixtap Technologies, there is a move towards democratisation of markets. From smallholders, producers and processors, through to brokers, commodities traders and trade financiers, Helixtap's beta version provides an end-to-end digitised supply chain. Helixtap Ecosystem offers a fully functional, inclusive and independent platform for all market participants, regardless of company size, to streamline processes with real time data and transactions, live tracking, and support for global market expansion. The independence of the Helixtap team allows the structuring of innovative solutions unencumbered by legacy allegiances and without conflict of interest.

  • By joining the Ecosystem platform, micro and small businesses, such as the six million smallholders producing natural rubber, can benefit from transparent market pricing and access to better market outcomes, smart logistics and supporting services such as automated contracts, financing, marketing and talent training.
  • For traders and brokers joining the cloud-based Ecosystem platform, they can obtain anytime, anywhere access for all size organisations, enabling instant pricing, more timely trade execution through streamlined processes, real-time information exchange, dynamic risk management and seamless post-trade processing.
  • For consumers they can get diversity of supply, integrate their own processes, and develop closer ties with the upstream segment of the rubber value chain.

Farah Miller, CEO of Helixtap Technologies, notes, "We are proud to innovate with and for the rubber industry, ensuring that our technology and roadmap is fully aligned with the needs of all market participants. The uptake on the platform from producers, processors, alongside traders and brokers supports our vision that a digital ecosystem for the rubber community can democratise information flows and unlock opportunities for all."

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Tazkiah Baaquie

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