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DiningCity announces artful dining campaign Art of Flavours with 200+ participating restaurants in five distinct experiences

DiningCity announces artful dining campaign Art of Flavours with 200+ participating restaurants in five distinct experiences

HONG KONG, April 30, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Leading online booking platform DiningCity is pleased to unveil its newest programme Art of Flavours in unison with "Arts in Hong Kong" campaign by the Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB). Launching on May 1 and running till May 31, the innovative programme will bring state-of-the-art dining experiences across 200+ participating restaurants to Hong Kong diners. 

Art of Flavours will present a variety of captivating offers under five pillars: Menu of Art, Artistic Ambience, Hall of Craftsmanship, Coffee Manifesto and Drinks Montage. The parallels between art and dining are reflected in many ways. From specially crafted menus, food or drink items with stunning presentation and exceptional culinary finesse, to interiors adorned with works of art enhancing a guest's total experience, and the pure craftsmanship of the kitchen, dining is an art. With this core belief, Art of Flavours is meticulously designed to showcase dining for the artful experience that it is.

Offers from 200+ restaurants at up to 50% off

Appealing to lovers of art and gastronomy, the five pillars of the programme offer consumers something different on DiningCity's convenient online platform. Under the core theme of arts, consumers will be able to indulge in special menus, experience exceptional dining in an art-bedecked spaces with special offers up to 50% off. Amongst the 200+ participating restaurants, consumers can also enjoy the artful side of the city's hottest coffeehouses and lounges with specially priced coupons for maximum flexibility and ease.

Menu of Art

For diners looking for a quality culinary experience primed for their social media feeds, participating restaurants in Menu of Art, including arbor, Amelia Hong Kong and Dragon Seal Restaurant & Bar, have crafted a selection of special menus inspired by the world of art, comprising of dishes with striking visual presentation that equally delight the palate and the eyes. Guests will enjoy up to 20% off the menu price – with dinner ranging from HK$600-$2,000, and lunch from HK$300-$1,000.

Artistic Ambience

Dining out is about much more than only food and drinks – a truly exceptional experience integrates food, hospitality and atmosphere. At venues such as aqua luna, Foxglove and Madame Fù Grand Café Chinois, Artistic Ambience highlights Hong Kong's most remarkable restaurants for stunning design, art-soaked interiors, cultural locations and those boasting the city's iconic Victoria Harbour view. Diners seeking top-flight atmosphere can take advantage of complimentary items valued at up to 20% of required spending to enjoy the ambience.

Hall of Craftsmanship

A celebration of the skill and craftsmanship in Hong Kong's kitchens, this category allows guests to indulge in the best of the city's culinary arts. Experience crafted dishes with expert technique and artisanal ingredients, with a peek into the artist's studio through open or semi-open kitchens for a theatrical edge to the meal. Diners will enjoy 30% off selected signature dishes, and 50% off one select item at restaurants including Sun Tung Lok Chinese Cuisine, Ah Yat Harbour View Restaurant and Wooloomooloo® Prime.

Coffee Manifesto

From pour-overs to Aeropress, making a cup of coffee is an art in itself. Boasting scenic views and great design, the cafes dotting the streets of Sham Shui Po and Central & Sheung Wan are the perfect places to sit back, relax and enjoy a bite alongside a speciality roast by the city's talented baristas. Special priced "coffee + food" pairing will be available through easy-to-redeem coupons for spots like Slash, Colour Brown Coffee and SUIT Coffee, so guests can soak up the invigorating contrast of heritage architecture, cultural institutions and whimsical souvenirs stores of the two areas at their own pace. 

Drinks Montage

Inventive drinks and artistic surroundings are front and centre in the Hong Kong cocktail lounge scene. Offering a space to unwind in the company of fellow aficionados, Drinks Montage curates the best of these establishments – such as MO Bar, The Poet and Bar De Luxe – and features special priced cocktails and "drink + food" sets with coupons.

One of the world's premier destinations for art, culture and gastronomy, Hong Kong offers unparalleled dining experiences with its eclectic culinary scene. Art of Flavours celebrates dining as art across the city's landscape of extraordinary restaurants, coffeehouses and lounges in a host of ways for everyone to enjoy.

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