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Discover iNOA Red Nebula, new red burgundy colour collection to iNOA palette

Discover iNOA Red Nebula, new red burgundy colour collection to iNOA palette

INOA expands color palette with 2 exciting new shades - Red Nebula 4.26 and 5.26

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, March 22, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- By introducing the captivating shades 4.26 and 5.26 to the iNOA palette, L'Oréal Professionnel is at the forefront of the growing craze for this new generation of reds. Positioned at the cutting edge of technology, L'Oréal Professionnel unveils the next generation of reds, redefining standards with mesmerizing iridescent reflects and unleashing unprecedented hairstylist creativity.

This breakthrough shade collection is set to redefine standards, introducing captivating red hues that transcend the ordinary. At its core lies our exclusive and patented ODS (Oil Delivery System) technology, a game-changer that incorporates a remarkable 60% oil-based vegan formula, harnessing the incredible potential of oils. Unlike traditional in-salon experiences, iNOA Red Nebula not only delivers stunning color but also ensures optimal scalp comfort, eliminating unpleasant odors associated with conventional processes.

iNOA Red Nebula Delivers Unmatched Excellence

iNOA Red Nebula rises to the challenge by offering up to 100% grey coverage and a visible improvement in hair quality, making it 48% shinier. For professionals, the application, mixing, and rinsing steps are now easier and quicker, ensuring spectacular colour outcomes from iNOA Red Nebula's alluring shades. Hairstylists will appreciate the iconic high oil concentration, the fluidity of the formula, and its non-dripping texture, making application and rinsing an effortless pleasure. An astounding 97% of professionals who have experienced this innovative formula have found it to be a joy to use. The new texture manageability also ensures 100% professional performance, eliminating the age-old challenges associated with grey coverage.

iNOA Certified Wudhu-Friendly With #iNOATELUSAIR

Muslim customers can now have professional hair colour done with peace of mind. iNOA is also tested water permeable or wudhu-friendly, making it suitable for Muslim customers. As a purification ritual before performing prayers, wudhu requires specific steps such as washing the hair. In this step, it is essential for hair dyes to allow water to enter the scalp and hair shaft for the validity of wudhu. Hair dyes have long been considered a barrier for wudhu but with its water permeable formula, iNOA does not coat the strands and allows the wudhu ritual to be performed as it should.

Revolutionizing In-Salon Augmented Color Service – My Hair [iD] 

L'Oréal Professionnel's iNOA [iD] stands as a pioneering innovation in in-salon consultations. Fuelled by Modiface technology, this revolutionary tool seamlessly integrates augmented reality to guide hairstylists and clients through a meticulous colour analysis. It encompasses a five-step process, factoring in grey hair percentage, coverage type, regrowth, length shade, and the all-important hair reflect. The virtual try-on feature allows clients to visualize these new Red Nebula shades, 4.26 and 5.26, infusing life and vibrancy into the trend for striking reds that have taken social media by storm. In a world where personalization is paramount, iNOA [iD] doesn't stop at consultations—it delivers a fully immersive experience, where technology, artistry, and the allure of Red Nebula combine to redefine hair transformation, ensuring clients leave the salon with a stunning and unique look.

A Trendsetter in Red – Chic Crimson Collection 2024

Embark upon a realm where red transcends its mere chromatic essence; it becomes a lifestyle. The Chic Crimson Collection, featuring the illustrious Red Nebula, extends an invitation to immerse yourself in the enchanting allure of red hues, thereby elevating your style to unprecedented heights. Prepare to captivate the world with the Chic Crimson Collection, a convergence of sophistication and modernity, where Red Nebula takes center stage as the preeminent star of this exquisite showcase.

Unveiling the Empowering Beauty of Women with iNOA Red Nebula

L'Oréal Professionnel is proud to unveil iNOA Red Nebula, a revolutionary line of hair colour that celebrates the timeless connection between the colour red and the unique characteristics of women. Red has always symbolized more than just a hue; it embodies strength, passion, power, courage, confidence, love, energy, and allure. With iNOA Red Nebula, we bring this symbolism to life, allowing women to embrace their true essence.

Strength: A Bold Beginning
The journey with iNOA Red Nebula begins with Strength, symbolizing the unyielding fortitude of women. It is a vibrant crimson that defines resilience, reminding women of their innate power to overcome challenges.

Passion: Ignite Your Inner Flame
Passion flows through every strand of iNOA Red Nebula. This fiery red embodies the enthusiasm and zest that women carry within them, igniting the inner flame and inspiring them to follow their desires.

Confidence: Stand Tall and Radiant
Confidence is the key to radiance. iNOA Red Nebula's confident hue empowers women to stand tall, exude self-assuredness, and embrace their unique charm.

Energy: Live Life Vibrantly
Energy is a hue that symbolizes vibrant living. Women who choose this colour embody boundless energy, inspiring them to live life to the fullest.

Courage: Bold and Fearless
Courage is a shade that exemplifies fearlessness. Just as women have the courage to face life's trials head-on, this colour empowers them to be bold, take risks, and embrace their unique journey.

Power: Unleash Your Potential
The colour Power reflects the unstoppable potential of every woman. It is a testament to their determination and capability. With iNOA Red Nebula, women can unleash their inner power.

Allure: An Irresistible Allure
The final note in the symphony of iNOA Red Nebula is Sexy, a colour that adds an irresistible allure. It is a reminder that sensuality is a part of every woman's character, and it deserves to shine.

Love: Embrace the Heart's Warmth
Love, the most tender shade of all, represents the warm and loving hearts of women. With iNOA Red Nebula, they can embrace the beauty of compassion and warmth.

Join the Red Revolution

Discover the empowering beauty of red with iNOA Red Nebula, where colour meets character. Embrace the bold, the passionate, the confident, and all the remarkable facets of you. The new iNOA Red Nebula is available at L'Oréal Professionnel hair salons throughout Malaysia and Singapore. For a list of our partner hair salons, kindly visit the L'Oréal Professionnel salon locator to locate your nearest L'Oréal Professionnel salon by searching under your respective country ( Join the conversation on social media using #iNOARedNebula and celebrate the diverse characteristics of women in the most vibrant way.

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