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DLT Earth Announces Hackathon For Developing Digital Climate Methodologies

Participants will use the Hedera Guardian to drive forward climate accountability through full methodology digitization and improvement.

A collaborative initiative by the DLT Science Foundation, the HBAR Foundation Sustainable Impact Fund, and its partners to enhance carbon credit and emissions accounting methodologies and transparency. 

As part of its initiative to bring more transparency to climate market assessments, the DLT Science Foundation (DSF), in collaboration with the HBAR Foundation Sustainable Impact Fund, ALLCOT, and Envision Blockchain, announced today the dates of their upcoming hackathon. Beginning on January 8, the virtual hackathon will bring together web3 developers, climate researchers, and universities to form teams to evaluate existing climate reporting and carbon credit calculation methodologies. Running for 12 weeks, the participants will meet with industry experts and innovate with Hedera Guardian-based methodologies developed to better account for carbon credits, emissions, and climate impact. The hackathon competition will end in April.

As the hackathon concludes in April, a panel of tech experts will review the final submissions. The panel features experts like Juan Ignacio Ibanez, Chief of Staff at the DLT Science Foundation, Wes Geisenberger from the HBAR Foundation, Juan David Duran representing EcoRegistry, and Gajanana Hegde from UNFCCC GIH. Their collective expertise will play a crucial role in assessing the projects that aim to set new standards in environmental asset tracking and carbon credit calculations. This will highlight the transformative impact of web3 technologies in promoting transparency and accountability in climate action initiatives.

“Our aim at the DLT Science Foundation is to show that web3 technologies can build a more trusted and equitable society. Ensuring that the billions of dollars invested in mitigating climate change can be more easily verified through the public ledger is key to this future,” said Dr. Paolo Tasca, co-founder and chairman of DSF and the DLT Earth project. “The transparent and accessible solutions from the hackathon will set a new benchmark for environmental asset tracking.”

To join the hackathon, visit DLT Earth's registration page. Registration is straightforward: complete and submit the online form with your details. Once registered, you will receive all the necessary information and updates about the event. This hackathon is a unique opportunity to contribute to climate change solutions using web3 technologies. Whether you are a web3 developer, climate researcher, or part of a university team, your expertise and innovative ideas are valuable.

“This hackathon is not just a competition; it's a platform for change-makers to help define the next generation of accounting for impact in climate using groundbreaking technology,” said Wes Geisenberger, VP of Sustainability and ESG at The HBAR Foundation. 

“Leveraging talents to work on real-world use cases to bring novel solutions for combating climate change is an effective initiative that can deliver a powerful impact. We look forward to engaging with all the participants,” said Raphael De Ry, CEO & Co-Founder of ALLCOT IO.  

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About the DLT Science Foundation (DSF)

The DLT Science Foundation is an international non-profit organisation committed to the adoption of distributed ledger technology (DLT). Its mission is to help create a more equitable society - one that fully utilises DLT and related web3 technologies. We seek to accomplish this by fostering an open, sustainable innovation ecosystem of developers, fellows, and leaders. Together, we will ensure our world reaches its fullest potential, powered by blockchain technology. Alongside their grant program for academic institutions, DSF also issues original research, engages with policymakers, and develops initiatives with web3 leaders. Learn more at

About the HBAR Foundation

The HBAR Foundation supports the creation of Web3 communities built on the Hedera network by empowering and funding the builders developing these communities. The Foundation's six funds - focused on the Crypto Economy, Metaverse, Sustainability, Fintech, Privacy, and Female Founders - each support communities within those areas, and the interconnectedness enables applications to participate as part of a larger ecosystem. 

The collective power of these funds enables entrepreneurs, developers, and enterprises of all sizes to tackle some of the world's largest problems, and create and control their own economies, all built on the Hedera public network. For additional information, please visit


ALLCOT is one of the companies with the longest track record in the fight against climate change in the world, with more than 14 years of experience (2009). ALLCOT works with communities, organizations and governments around the world on climate actions to accelerate the transition to Net Zero. ALLCOT's goal is to impact the 2030 Agenda, especially the Climate Action SDG through projects and solutions with triple impact: environmental, social and economic, using four lines of action: Sustainability strategies, Project development & implementation, Capacity building and Advocacy. Learn more at

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