Doosan Skoda Power Representation in Jakarta

PILSEN, Czech Republic, Sept. 20, 2017 /PRNewswire/ --

Ever since the Indonesian government announced a bold plan to expand the local power generation market by additional 35 GW by 2021, Czech turbine manufacturer Doosan Škoda Power, backed by the Doosan Group, the oldest company in Korea, was determined to share its experience in steam turbine manufacturing. Such an ambitious plan naturally requires an experienced supplier. Hundred years of experience in turbine manufacturing makes every Doosan Škoda Power unit the embodiment of a world class engineering skills and precision. Apart from manufacturing the turbine, while taking specific client requirements into account, Doosan Škoda Power will provide assistance with installation, launch and maintenance of every unit.

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"Since Indonesia represents a great potential for steam turbine industry, it was logical to open a regional office in Jakarta to better understand and observe the local market and to cement our intention to successfully operate in Indonesia. Business development takes time, especially in Asia. Local office helps to build necessary bridges between local customers, suppliers and Doosan Škoda Power main office," says Josef Ryšavý, Regional representative of Doosan Škoda Power in Indonesia.

In the region of Southeast Asia, Doosan Škoda Power is not very known yet. Nonetheless, a fair share of potential Indonesian customers have taken the opportunity to visit the Czech headquarters in Europe and the production plant, where they saw the manufacturing process first hand.

Usually, it is companies from the public sector interested in purchasing large steam turbines capable of generating hundreds of megawatts of power. "We have already installed such units on Java, at Grati & Grati II power plants," says Josef Ryšavý and continues: "However, Doosan Škoda Power can also be of service to smaller, local companies from the private sector, who would not utilize such output. Our turbine portfolio ranges in performance from 10 to 1200 MW with broad possibility of applications in gas, coal, cogeneration, CSP, and even nuclear power productions."

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Doosan Skoda Power is part of a global consortium of companies united under the Korean parent Doosan Group to deliver complementary technologies, skills and value to customers around the world. The manufacturing portfolio of Doosan Škoda Power includes steam turbines ranging in performance from 10 to 1200 MW with broad possibility of applications in gas, coal, cogeneration, nuclear, and CSP power productions.