Dowan Testifies 2021 Development and Launches Its first Brand Video

Dowan Testifies 2021 Development and Launches Its first Brand Video

CHARLOTTE, N.C., Dec. 31, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Dowan is proud to announce the launch of their new brand video, which highlights the brand's values and serves as a north star as Dowan enters a new chapter of growth.

This newly-launched brand video serves as the reinforcement of Dowan's philosophy, and a reminder that prods people into pursuing a balanced life in this time. Dowan beholds the brand video more than an indicator of the summarization of 2021, but its vision towards the coming years. It is also Dowan's first brand video. By launching the video, Dowan intends to gain a substantial presence in its field on a global scale.

The video uses scenes of people with different lifestyles and sends a clear message: Live a balanced life and welcome joy into the everyday. Dowan has been devoting itself to becoming a brand that advocates mental and physical well-being through the concept of "balance". Working professionals, homemakers, and all kinds of go-getters need daily reminders to take a moment for themselves and find calm. This reminder doesn't have to be extravagant; something as simple as a beautiful coffee mug can make a difference.

By concretizing various, typical yet distinctive characters in the brand video, Dowan aims to create a bond to its vastest customer base. Dowan intends to resonate with its customers by offering them insights that Dowan has been long borne with; and also expects to reach more audiences who have yet to find delight in their products. Dowan wishes to build up a closer relationship with all these audiences. Rather than merely providing objects, Dowan is introducing a source of peace, beauty, and joy into the homes.

About Dowan

Dowan is an emerging ceramics brand setting new industry standards. Though they make ceramic tableware, their mission is to help customers live a full and balanced life. They believe that the little things matter, and filling your home with beautiful, carefully crafted objects is one way to elevate simple pleasures and happy moments.

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