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Dr. Steven Yu Joins ChemPartner as Vice President of Regulated Bioanalysis

Dr. Steven Yu Joins ChemPartner as Vice President of Regulated Bioanalysis

SHANGHAI, Sept. 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Shanghai ChemPartner announced today the appointment of Steven Yu, Ph.D. as Vice President of Regulated Bioanalysis at the company headquarters in Shanghai, China.

Dr. Yu has more than 15 years of experience in drug development and extensive expertise in assay development and validation, biomarker development, immunogenicity assessment, biotransformation assessment, and clinical dose selection and trial design. Prior to joining ChemPartner, Dr. Yu spent most of his career in the US with global pharmaceutical companies including Amgen, Boehringer Ingelheim, Shire, and Takeda.

"DMPK and toxicology are critical components in drug discovery and development for meeting unmet medical needs.  To better serve our clients, including biologics clients, we needed an experienced industry leader to expand our service offering within regulated bioanalysis. Dr. Yu's expertise, knowledge, and dedication make him a great fit to lead the team," said Dr. Lilly Xu, Senior Vice President of the DMPK and Toxicology department.

Since the DMPK and Toxicology department's inception in 2007, it has been one of the most rapidly growing business units in the company. This growth is a testament to the high-quality performance and experienced leadership of the scientific team.

"With the ample funding from global pharmaceutical companies and venture capital companies, there is an accelerated pace for drug testing and approval. The CRO industry is under transformation to play an even more important role in drug discovery and development. I am excited to join ChemPartner because of its reputation of reliability and the broad spectrum of service offerings. There is so much potential for growth and expansion to meet the needs of the industry. My experience with big pharma, combined with ChemPartner's focus on quality and innovation, will further the company's mission to serve our biopharmaceutical clients' needs as an extension of their own team," said Dr. Yu.

ChemPartner's DMPK and Toxicology department consists of bioanalytical (small and large molecules, discovery, and regulated bioanalysis), in vitro ADME, pharmacokinetics, and toxicology groups. Working closely with ChemPartner's chemistry, biology and pharmacology, and biologics departments, the DMPK and toxicology team supports translational medicine with experience in formulation development, PK extrapolation, PK/PD correlation, and biomarker analysis including metabolomics.

About ChemPartner

Shanghai ChemPartner, which includes ChemPartner, ChemPartner Biologics, and China Gateway Pharmaceutical Development, offers a broad range of drug discovery, development, and manufacturing services including chemistry and biologics discovery, biology and pharmacology, DMPK and toxicology, and small molecule and biologics CMC development and manufacturing.  Shanghai ChemPartner serves a diverse global client base and has laboratories, business offices, and representatives in the US, Europe, China, and Japan


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