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Dragon Nest 2: Evolution Celebrates Over 3 Million Pre-Registrations With July 20 Launch

Dragon Nest 2: Evolution Celebrates Over 3 Million Pre-Registrations With July 20 Launch

SINGAPORE, July 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- With over 3 million pre-registrations to date, interested users can join in the fun of Dragon Nest 2: Evolution, the upcoming mobile MMORPG from Level Infinite, and unlock more incentives for the full game via the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, Huawei App Gallery, Oppo, Samsung Galaxy Store, and ONEstore ahead of the game's full launch on July 20.

Pre-registration is available at:

Dragon Nest 2 Pre-Load Available on July 19th
Dragon Nest 2 Pre-Load Available on July 19th

Furthermore, ahead of launch, Dragon Nest 2: Evolution will let players experience a special version of The Grand Dragon Hunt during this period, which will connect players all over the globe in a team effort to bring down evil dragons.

The Grand Dragon Hunt

In the full launch, adventurers will have to prepare themselves even more for the challenge of The Grand Dragon Hunt, starting with the return of the familiar, terrifying sight of the Sea Dragon, Serpentra!

Sealed away by six brave heroes decades ago, Serpentra was revived to eliminate Geraint the Golden Dragon, before falling prey to Black Dragon Karas. The legends talk of its body being discarded on an isolated island, only to fall prey to an evil force once again.

Survivors on board a ship that was attacked talked of Serpentra's return, traumatized by the encounter, and instilled the fear of sea dragons once more in the populace of Dragon Nest 2: Evolution. Now that it's back, the resurrected Serpentra threatens all from its geographically advantageous nest, waiting for its chance to take revenge on all mankind!

During the event, each player can keep track of their progress both solo and as part of the community, ensuring that the countdown to the big fight will not be missed. Daily objectives containing prizes like free draws and mounts encourage increased participation, and at the same time, global leaderboards will display the top slayers at work.

In addition to the main goal, players can form teams of eight to compete in competitions of speed and efficiency, with further incentives up for grabs. The Grand Dragon Hunt promises to be a monumental event not to be missed!

A World of Possibilities

Dungeon-Crawling Fun for All

Dragon Nest 2 Dive into Dungeons
Dragon Nest 2 Dive into Dungeons

Dragon Nest 2: Evolution Top Secret File - Dungeon

Beyond The Grand Dragon Hunt, Dragon Nest 2: Evolution will be an adventure accessible to all players, driven by its intense combat and exhilarating dungeon-crawling action.

"Although Dragon Nest 2: Evolution is a mobile title, the team is approaching it as a full-fledged experience to ensure players enjoy the best content. The dungeons, in particular, have been a key focus, so expect to trek through interesting and exciting level design, battle unique bosses with varying mechanics, and have a dungeon-crawling experience that satisfies from start to finish," said Oliver Ye, Head of Global Publishing Producer of Dragon Nest 2: Evolution, Level Infinite.

Play Your Way With 4 Unique Classes

Dragon Nest 2 Play Your Way with 4 Unique Classes
Dragon Nest 2 Play Your Way with 4 Unique Classes

Dragon Nest 2: Evolution| Play Your Way With 4 Unique Classes

New players need not worry about being overwhelmed, as Dragon Nest 2: Evolution's blend of class-based action and adventure means it is easy to jump in and play how you want, whether it is on your own or with friends along for the ride. With guilds to join, adorable companions to seek out, free trading, and content support to come, adventurers have much to look forward to, including a brand-new story trailer.

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