DragonVein launches its new VR+Blockchain product

SHANGHAI, Sept. 5, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- VlaVR, DragonVein's exclusive subject of operation in China, signed strategic partnership with Nibiru, one of the world's largest VR operation system suppliers of AI/AR/VR at the N+ International Technology Summit. Vlavr, as the partner of China Mobile in 5G application, supported DragonVein's DVC hardware project. Vlavr's latest VR hardware, DVBox and MiniVR, were recently unveiled.


On site, VlaVR and Nibiru jointly launched the MiniVR, the world's lightest VR goggles weighing only 105g and the DvBox adopting Nibiru's latest N+ 3.0 operation system and distributed storage based on blockchain technology developed by Dragonvein.

N+ international technology summit
N+ international technology summit

According to the agreement, Nibiru will provide technically innovative solutions based on N+ Creator, the VR content maker software, while VlaVR will contribute its professionalism in cloud-based distributed storage solutions and its Incentive mechanism based on blockchain technology.

"The main pain points VR industry suffering are the significant cost of content, the stutter videoplay experience caused by underspeed network and piracy violations," said VlaVR. "With N+ creator, every user can create their own VR content. The advantages of UGC (user generated content), such as low cost, has already been proven successful in online video platforms like YouTube. On the other side, our distributed storage solutions and 5G application capabilities will fully leverage the value of N+ creator. Blockchain is able to protect creators from piracy violation as data are stored separately under distributed storage system. Applications of 5G network ensure a smooth experience. This cooperation will create great synergies and become an innovational power in the industry."

Further cooperation will be proposed in 5G VR cloud-based games and an in-depth study on performance optimization. Both parties will work closely to build the next generation of AR/VR edge network service platform based on 5G network.

Yamamoto Shuto, head of DragonVein, regards this cooperation as a milestone for the DragonVein Family Entertaining Ecosystem Chain supported by VlaVR. This is open for future worldwide cooperation.

CEO of DragonVein and President of Nibiru
CEO of DragonVein and President of Nibiru

About DragonVein: 

DragonVein is a pioneer and innovator in VR+BlockChain field. DragonVein aims to bring innovative solutions to DRM (Digital Rights Management) using blockchain technology. DragonVein has built an integrated ecosystem with all elements including hardware, content creators and a Incentive mechanism for users.


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