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Dreame Launched "#We Are Together" Online Activity For Spreading Positivity During this Special Time

Dreame Launched "#We Are Together" Online Activity For Spreading Positivity During this Special Time

SINGAPORE, May 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the leading female fiction reading & writing platform Dreame is holding an online activity "#We Are Together" to encourage people to remain optimistic and grateful during this hard time.

"#We Are Together" online activity is aimed at encouraging people to show support and love to those who have suffered during the pandemic. In just three weeks, more than 2.5 million people participated in the activity across different platforms, while thousands of pictures and encouraging words have been shared by people from all over the world. By sharing the same wish of "We Are Together", participants of this activity got to know many stories of healthcare workers.

Many of the Dreame authors are also healthcare workers who are working on the frontline. During the outbreak, Dreame was checking on those authors to make sure they were doing well and to offer help when needed. Therefore, Dreame prepared special gift packs for them as a gesture of gratitude.

Meanwhile, Dreame has shared their stories of those working on the frontline with lots of Dreame readers, which has been widely recognized.

Larose is a doctor who works hard on the fight of COVID-19. She's also an excellent author who has written many intriguing stories. She said: "Fighting on the frontlines is stressful. Writing is my gateway".

After learning their stories, readers on Dreame have shown interest in the stories written by these healthcare workers. Due to the quarantine, many people have less entertainment, and reading can be a good choice. Reading those frontline fighters' fiction can inspire and strengthen readers' hearts.

"We are together! To fight the current pandemic, please stay safe, please adhere to the precautions and we shall be victorious," a participant said in a social media post to spread her positive energy. "Let's stay at home to support our key workers and read books to light up the stay-home mood."

When conceiving this activity, Dreame hoped to create more positive energy together. People need to support each other in the face of hardship, and the process of sharing is also a process of constantly helping each other to strengthen the confidence and brighten the heart.

As always, Dreame will continue to provide readers with superior reading entertainment with diverse and high-quality book choices. Dreame will also continue to help authors enrich harvests from their works by providing professional and premium author services.

About Dreame

Dreame is an online fiction reading platform that is dedicated to bringing the ideal reading experience to the readers and a free and creative writing environment to the writers. After initiating preparatory work in 2016, Dreame was officially launched in August 2018. It has since gained more than 20million subscribers, 150k books, and 100k writers by April 2020. It is one of the most popular reading apps on the Google Play store, ranked by revenue.

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