Dreame Sees Higher Rating on App Stores with Boosted User Satisfaction

Dreame Sees Higher Rating on App Stores with Boosted User Satisfaction

SINGAPORE, May 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- As of May 27, over 75 million out of 100 million users have rated Dreame five stars, enabling the app to hit a rating of 4.43 on iOS Store and 4.40 on Google Play. Affiliated to the Singapore-based company Stary and debuted in August 2018, Dreame is now unfolding its third year with wider praise and enhanced user satisfaction.

On the strength of its portability and convenience, e-books nowadays have demonstrated a strong presence in people's daily life, catalyzing a proliferation of reading apps all over. Despite the unprecedented competition brought by a crowded market, Dreame has stood out on the back of high praise with a wide readership. Data show that by the end of this month, over 70% of users have given Dreame a five-star rating and more than 10% a 4 star. That is to say, about 90% of readers expressed fondness and appreciation for Dreame, making it a titan that outstrips most counterparts.

Boasting 200,000+ stories that cover all genres and target at readers of all ages, Dreame has shaped itself into a comprehensive reading platform enticing not only teenagers, but also young adults. However, instead of prioritizing quantity over quality, Dreame underlines the latter. The stories are well-chosen by a group of outsmarting editors with insight into the market, the plots are elaborately-designed with twists and turns cropping up everywhere, and the characters are vividly-depicted with impressing and inspiring personalities. Together with a quick daily update of the original novels, readers can't help but frequent the app to quench their thirst for the next episode. This has brought Dreame to prominence in 100-odd countries, and becomes a decisive factor for Dreame's popularity. Positive reviews for the pioneering app thus blanket the Internet.

Besides an abundance of premium content, Dreame also touts quick response when it comes to user feedback. Despite being inundated with messages and emails which either offer feedback or seek assistance, Dreame renders efficient services by grappling with them all within 2 hours, polishing user experience to a large extent.

Additionally, with differentiated user-friendly designs, Dreame spares readers the difficulty and complexity to use its app, harvesting mounting approvals. Its unicorn-shaped logo, being a miniature of the females' longing for a rosy world full of wonders and miracles, also earns it the favor of a slew of female readers.

"What matters most is to stop every now and then to hear the voice of your users. First of all you make it easy for them to voice their opinions, then you figure out what they want and get down to fix the problems. There isn't any sure-fire recipe for success, but get their voice heard and stay user-centric is absolutely necessary," Samuel Lau, CEO of Stary remarked.


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