Dreame Technology to Revolutionize the Traditional Floor Cleaning

BEIJING, Aug. 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Dreame Technology, the global leading brand in smart home cleaning, is going to launch its new breakthrough products Dreame Wet and Dry Vacuum H11 Max and H11 in the upcoming October. 

Dreame Wet and Dry Vacuum H11 Max and H11. One Pass. All clean.
Dreame Wet and Dry Vacuum H11 Max and H11. One Pass. All clean.

"Equipped with two-tank and dual motor system, Dreame H11 series has integrated vacuuming, mopping and washing functions into one appliance which revolutionizes the traditional floor cleaning model. You can deal with any spills and tough stains on the floor and leave it spotless in a single pass," said Frank Wang, International Marketing Director of Dreame Technology. 

Dreame Wet and Dry Vacuum H11 Max and H11 can both suck up all the dirty messes in one path. Whether they are muddy footprints, hair or breakfast crumbs, coffee grounds, dried-on ketchup stains, sloppy food spills such as sticky oatmeal, even spaghetti on the floor, Dreame Wet and Dry Vacuum H11 and H11 Max can get them under control, dealing with floor messes effectively. 

Featuring innovative and separated two-tank design, its 900ml large clean water tank sprays out fresh water and cleaning solution onto the roller brush continuously, while the internal dirt separation system removes dirt water out of the brush instantly and brings it into the 500ml dirt water tank in real time, ensuring cleanliness of the roller brush and your home floor. Besides the self-cleaning of the roller brush in real time, you can try the deep-cleaning mode by putting it back onto the charging base for a thorough cleaning and fast drying of the brush roll, no need to manually wash it.

Intelligence and convenience is also one of the highlights of Dreame Wet and Dry Vacuum H11 series. The smart LED screen display and intelligent voice assistant provide clear and accurate operation guidance, especially for the elderly to understand the specific running status. Its maneuverability and self-propelled push power also make it glides across the floor effortlessly.

With a longer runtime of 36min and cleaning 200m2 at one time at most, Dreame Wet and Dry Vacuum H11 Max can also adjust the suction power automatically based on its intelligent dirt sensing capability.

"As a perfect all-in-one combination, I believe Dreame Wet and Dry Vacuum H11 series is going to be a game-changer for a more convenient and fun home cleaning experience," Frank added. 

Dreame Wet and Dry Vacuum H11 Max and H11 are expected to be available on AliExpress this October. Further details are coming soon.

About Dreame Technology

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