DreamFuelling aims to make a million dreams come true

DreamFuelling aims to make a million dreams come true

SYDNEY, May 5, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Faced with the gloom of COVID 19, business coach Mark Bowness has created a platform to help people escape the negative situation and hopefully fulfil a personal dream. With the current isolation challenges, seeing beyond the next day, let alone dreaming of a future goal, has become a struggle for many. Mr Bowness saw others struggling and dreams shattered due to COVID 19 which made him even more determined to launch his idea of DreamFuelling.

Dreamfueller Serbian Tennis Star Laslo Djere
Dreamfueller Serbian Tennis Star Laslo Djere

The DreamFuelling project connects those with a dream, together with a worldwide army of those who can fulfil one, using their time, resources or skills. A sharing economy; sharing kindness and generosity to help others in pursuit of a dream.

One such Dreamfueller is world #80, Serbian tennis star Laslo Djere.

"I know first-hand how it feels to have a big dream that others consider crazy and the importance of having people on your side to make it reality, which is why I'm offering a mentoring session to one aspiring tennis player so I can help fuel their dream," said Laslo.

Mark is passionately driven by wanting to connect people to fulfil dreams and since launching this week, already has 76 dreams shared and over 200 people prepared to help. Amazing offers have been made – a radio host to help create a podcast, a flight in a fighter jet, a moving story of a survivor of domestic violence, offering safe shelter to women.

Dreams shared - turning first world junk into third world treasure. Mari, living in Australia but originally from Brazil, has seen furniture thrown out that could be used in less developed countries where poverty is significant. The recycling of furniture and household items that would otherwise end up in landfill could be sent to families in poorer countries to help them set up home.

Mark believes its only as a result of chasing our dreams that we will help solve unemployment issues, homelessness and find new ways to make a better world.

"Whether you're a single parent wanting to go to night-school to create a better future, or a young athlete dreaming of coaching from their sports idol, turn a hobby into a profession, or have a vision to launch a charity helping the homeless community, no dream is too big, or small," says Mark.


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