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DriWay Technologies Commences Bomb Shelter Pilot Project with Korean Government

DriWay Technologies Commences Bomb Shelter Pilot Project with Korean Government

The Daejeon City Government will use DriWay's dehydration devices, starting in a key bomb shelter, to remove invasive moisture and improve air safety.

NEW YORK, July 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The Republic of Korea's Daejeon City Government has commissioned DriWay Technologies to install its dehydration devices in the city's bomb shelters, to reduce the invasive moisture within the structures. This partnership begins with a three-month pilot project in the Dunsan Fire Station bomb shelter, with installation to take place the first week of August 2020.

South Korea maintains approximately 19,000 bomb shelters throughout the country for civilian use in an emergency, such as potential missile attacks from North Korea. Many such shelters are located within structures like fire stations.

Daejeon, the country's fifth largest metropolis, has declared its commitment to ensuring that the air quality in these bunkers is safe and healthy for its citizens. Upon encountering invasive building moisture that obstructed a summer 2020 renovation project in the Dunsan Fire Station, Daejeon city leaders initiated a partnership with DriWay to address the problem using DriWay's dehydration devices.

DriWay's patented technology naturally breaks the attraction that causes groundwater to rise into buildings, allowing a combination of evaporation and gravity to remove excess water from the walls. Without requiring any potentially hazardous chemicals or electrical power, it provides a sustainable, permanent, and environmentally friendly solution for building owners, managers, and occupants.

"The leadership of Daejeon, including Construction Department Chief Kim Jong Shin, have shown admirable dedication to the security and wellbeing of the people they serve. It is an honor for us to be entrusted with something as important as keeping the air within these bunkers safe and healthy for the city's residents," said Steve Kim, COO of DriWay Korea.

"We are proud to serve the city of Daejeon and help protect its residents by providing them with better air quality in its shelters," said Roy Judelson, Global Chairman and CEO of DriWay Technologies. "These shelters are critical for keeping residents of South Korea safe from outside harm, and our priority is to support Daejeon's leadership in also keeping residents safe from health hazards caused by invasive moisture inside the shelters."

About DriWay Technologies
DriWay Technologies is a building health technology company that addresses the environmental and health hazards caused by invasive moisture: mold-causing ground moisture that naturally enters building foundations, basements, and ground floors and can inflict health risks, structural damage, and increased thermal insulation costs. This problem plagues 10% of buildings in the US, and higher percentages in other regions of the world, according to a 2019 EY market study.

DriWay is headquartered in London, with subsidiaries in the US, UK, UAE, and South Korea. It is currently providing its services to the US Government and marquee clients such as Grosvenor Group in London, Nakheel Properties in Dubai, Olshan Properties in New York City, and Hyundai Corporation in South Korea. In the next year, DriWay will also be expanding its operations into India, Japan, Indonesia, Greece, and Cyprus after recently completing a Seed Round financing at a $100 million valuation.

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