DSP Labs of Onchain Launches A New Generation of Distributed Storage Protocol

BEIJING, June 18, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- DSP Labs (dsplabs.io), a subsidiary of Onchain, announced the launch of a distributed storage protocol DSP (Distributed Storage Protocol) plan. It is reported that the DSP (Distributed Storage Protocol) protocol is a multi-dimensional new generation Internet protocol paradigm based on data file encryption, distribution, storage, sharing. The goal of the DSP protocol is to become the core infrastructure of the Next Generation Internet.

This move has the opportunity to create a distributed, decentralized, and interconnected parallel world network to create a higher performance, more economical, safer, and more open data sharing transmission protocol and file storage network. As the foundation of the Next Generation Internet, it provides fast, free and safe interaction of information and data for the entire network, reduces the cost of data transmission and storage, and accelerates the revolution in the era of information freedom.

DSP Labs, recently established by Onchain, is a research, development and deployment organization that improves the Next Generation Internet technologies. DSP Lab is building a new set of free and open network protocols. Based on this set of protocol, data freedom and interconnection freedom in the true sense can be realized. At the same time, a user data file sharing library can be formed under a free network. This database is neutral and jointly owned by the users themselves. This means that no institution can control it. Of course, to build such a database, someone must put in a lot of work to maintain its authenticity. Traditionally, intermediaries like technology giants, banks and governments are used to ensure database security. And now, it is based on mathematical and physical database trust. In other words, the database is self-monitoring, self-operating, and self-managing. No need to rely on centralized organization commitment to protect data from harm or how to store or use it. All this returns to the individual, and the storage, distribution, use, sharing, and authorization of the data can be completely controlled by the individual. As an open and free network protocol, it is necessary to enable any device with networking capabilities to join the network through the new protocol and become a data node in the network. It is not limited to devices with special configuration or special authorization, all devices share the same network environment, and the data of all devices are interwoven in the same network.

Founded in 2016, Onchain is a leading blockchain technology company in China. It is committed to building an open-source and transparent trust scheme. Onchain lives by the technical strategy of "independent code + open-source", always striving to be world-class.

Reference link: https://medium.com/dsp-labs/hello-new-world-1dca7eaf67ac