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Durapower and EST-Floattech to distribute jointly developed next generation maritime battery system in Asia: the Octopus Series

Durapower and EST-Floattech to distribute jointly developed next generation maritime battery system in Asia: the Octopus Series

Powerful, flexible and safe Octopus Series battery solution can be installed in vessels that need a maritime approved battery system, starting around 100 kWh up to 10 MWh.
Durapower battery cell stacks incorporated into Octopus system – Durapower is a Singapore-based first mover in incorporating cell to cell propagation prevention solutions (a high-level safety feature) at mass production level.

SINGAPORE, April 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Singapore Lithium-ion battery manufacturer, Durapower Technology Singapore Pte Ltd (Durapower) and Dutch Maritime Energy Storage Solutions developer EST-Floattech have entered an agreement where Durapower will be the exclusive distributor in Asia for EST-Floattech's Octopus Series next generation maritime certified battery systems, based on Durapower's cell technology, for the maritime market.

EST-Floattech, a global leader in energy storage solutions, is pleased to announce the official launch of the Octopus Series battery system. The new production line is in place, and the first modules of the new battery system have been delivered to clients.

The Octopus platform is an advanced, modular Battery Management System ("BMS") developed to configure a variety of batteries. This BMS provides a user-friendly interface that connects the battery. As it can integrate a range of battery configurations and chemistries, it is highly versatile and adaptable to diverse applications, while maintaining a consistent interface for the customer. The BMS is an integral part of the safety management of the batteries and offers remote monitoring, diagnostics, and service.

High Energy, High Power, And More

The Octopus Series currently offers two main types of battery modules: High Energy and High Power. The High Energy batteries are designed for long-duration and large-scale battery installations, making them ideal for medium- and large-sized ships that sail electrically and charge during the night, for example. The High Power modules are designed to handle higher currents which, in practical terms, means short charge and discharge times. This can be used in fast-charging ferries, that make short trips and need to charge during stops. In addition, EST-Floattech is at an advanced stage of developing a "lite" and "lite xl" version of the Octopus batteries.

In addition to a fixed configuration - placing the system in a dedicated battery room - the Octopus Series battery system is available as a containerized solution, that can be placed on different types of vessels, offering flexibility. The Octopus Containerized Solution is available in 10- and 20-foot containers.

"The market is growing due to improved sustainability awareness and goals set by regulators," said Mr Walter van der Pennen, CCO at EST-Floattech. "The energy transition in the maritime market has really started, and in the past few years there has been an increase in electrically powered vessels. As a result, you see more and more differentiation in the applications needed by shipowners and shipbuilders, not only for direct propulsion but also for various equipment, machinery, peak performance, and hotel loads. In addition, new types of applications are being thought of as we speak."

Safe Design: Marine Type Approval

The Octopus Series battery-system is the second system of EST-Floattech that has received DNV type approval. EST-Floattech has a safe-by-design philosophy when creating products. The Octopus Series has been designed with multiple safety layers in the hardware and software. These safety systems prevent the battery cells from reaching critical limits, based on more than ten years of experience with maritime battery systems. This battery system represents the next generation of certified battery management systems for maritime markets.

"EST started developing battery systems to be used on board ships already some 14 years ago, as soon as it became apparent that energy storage systems would play an important role in the reduction of CO2 emitted by shipping," says Mr Mark Witjens, CEO at EST-Floattech. "Our innovative Octopus system can be applied at such a scale, that it will pass the so-called positive tipping point and we have sized our new production facilities and methods to accommodate this expected increase in demand. The associated increase in production volume will enable a further reduction in cost, making the Octopus Series another big step towards a zero-emission maritime industry."

Mr Kelvin Lim, Chief Executive Officer, Durapower Group said, "As a first mover in incorporating cell to cell propagation prevention solutions at mass production level, Durapower is proud to have our battery cell stacks incorporated into the flexible, reliable, safe EST-Floattech Octopus Series battery system. As an extension of our strong, strategic partnership with EST- Floattech, EST-Floattech's Octopus Series will be exclusively distributed in Asia by Durapower. With immediate reduction of vessel emissions, the durable Octopus battery system is a sustainable maritime energy storage solution that allows clients to convert good intentions to concrete sustainable shipping. Reduced noise and vibrations from electrical propulsion also improve crew comfort."      

Detailed information on the EST-Floattech Octopus Series battery system is available here:
Octopus Brochure:   
Octopus Specification Sheet:

About EST-Floattech

EST-Floattech (2009) is specialized in developing, producing, and installing reliable, sustainable, and safe battery systems for maritime applications. The in-house developed software is integrated to assure reliable operation of the battery system on board. The safety and reliability of EST-Floattech's battery technology is demonstrated by the more than 200 projects which EST-Floattech has done involving ships that have been sailing with their batteries for more than a decade.

About Durapower Group            (

Headquartered in Singapore, Durapower offers closed-loop, end-to-end energy storage solutions for the electric mobility and renewable energy applications including on and off-road Electric, Hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles, electric marine vessel and stationary energy storage solutions. Since 2009, Durapower has been a leading innovator of Lithium-Ion cell technology, focusing on the research and development of battery materials, battery cell manufacturing and system integration. With a global presence spanning 24 countries and 49 cities, including European Countries, China, India and Southeast Asia. Durapower Group strives to make scalable, sustainable batteries that support the circular economy, empowering lives and transforming the future towards a carbon neutral economy.

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