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DVDFab Breaks New Ground with the Advanced DVDFab13 and Upgraded UniFab Line

DVDFab Breaks New Ground with the Advanced DVDFab13 and Upgraded UniFab Line

HONG KONG, Oct. 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- DVDFab, a globally recognized leader in multimedia solutions, is excited to announce the debut of its latest software version DVDFab 13, and a major upgrade of its new product line—UniFab.

Professional Disc Solution Excellence for 20 Years

DVDFab has been dedicated to providing the most comprehensive disc solution for over 20 years.

Recognizing the necessity of robust software for all disc-related needs, DVDFab 13 is introduced. This new and innovative disc and video solution is designed with safety, transparency, and functionality, introducing a seamless way to employ ripping and video editing features that interact with your disc effectively.

The debut of DVDFab 13 marks a significant step in optimizing users' disc-watching experience with the introduction of an array of novel features, one of which includes a crisp and clear input-output information display.

DVDFab 13 is a testament to this journey, offering complete support for DVD Copy, Blu-ray Copy, DVD Creator & Blu-ray Creator functionalities, and the conversion between disc format and digital files. DVDFab 13 represents a novel and comprehensive improvement, incorporating years of DVDFab's essential features into a unified masterpiece.

The NEW Requested Product is Here Released: UniFab

Despite the DVD solution, here we are glad to announce another exciting message. Acknowledging your patience, we extend our deepest gratitude. Following meticulous technical exploration and strategic product planning, the reimagined UniFab is finally unveiled today.

As exceptionally unique software in the industry, UniFab integrates HDR upscaling and audio upmix capabilities concurrently. Furthermore, it offers video editing and conversion functions for greater media clarity.

The UniFab All-in-One consolidates nine distinct offerings: Unifab Video Converter Pro (Video converter+Video Cruise+Toolkit), UniFab HDR Upscaler AI, UniFab Video Enlarger AI, UniFab Audio Upmix AI, Smoother AI (coming soon), Deshake AI (coming soon), and Deinterlace AI (coming soon) to unlock the power of video editing and enhancement.

We aspire to furnish video creators with a premier suite of digital media creation and editing tools, encompassing areas such as imagery, audio, artificial intelligence, and more in the future.

About DVDFab

Since 2003, DVDFab has been dedicated to developing multimedia software, aiming to empower individuals to bring their video creativity forward.

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