DVDFab Rolls Out 4 Free Products in One Go

BEIJING, April 18, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- In its newest DVDFab update released today, DVDFab Software rolls out 4 freeware products that allow users to backup certain DVDs & Blu-rays or convert them for playback on portable and mobile devices.

4 Freeware Products Released in DVDFab

As part of the strategy plan to draw in a larger audience, in the ver. update released today, DVDFab Software announced 4 freeware products of its DVDFab 11 multimedia backup solution package, which are the free versions of its DVD backup software, Blu-ray backup software, DVD converter software and Blu-ray converter software, respectively.  

The free DVD backup software allows users to make home backups of all the DVDs that do not contain multiple VTS protections and certain types of Japanese DVDs, but only with the Full Disc and Main Movie backup modes. The free edition of the DVD converter software is capable of converting those mentioned DVDs to premium MKV videos without damaging the original audiovisual quality, or to 480p MP4 videos with max. 2 channels preserved in the audio tracks.

Similarly, with the free Blu-ray backup software, users can backup all the Blu-rays released before 2018, also with the Full Disc and Main Movie backup modes only. And the free Blu-ray converter software can help convert these Blu-rays into portable and mobile device ready 1080p MKV/480p MP4 videos for users to watch on the go, or on computers as well.

Additionally, there is one fact that requires mentioning, both the free DVD and Blu-ray backup software offer two backup modes, but none of them provides the compression and burning features. However, there is a workaround to the missing burning feature, which is to utilize a 3rd party burning engine, such as the Imgburn or Nero burning ROM.    

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