'Easy Trading Wizard' Now Live On Nauticus Exchange

MELBOURNE, Australia, April 17, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Digital financial platforms pose a high barrier of entry to everyday people. They're bafflingly complex for novices and full of industry jargon, complicated charts, and difficult to understand processes - with minor errors penalised with a significant loss of funds.

Nauticus offers an easy to use trading platform that's perfect for beginners.
Nauticus offers an easy to use trading platform that's perfect for beginners.

No wonder most ordinary people never take charge of their financial destiny to invest in shares or digital currencies - the learning curve is simply too steep. Sometimes it seems as if the financial world is deliberately complicated in order to keep all the rewards for insiders.

Melbourne based fintech Nauticus aims to simplify finance for everyday people with its new 'Easy Trading Wizard' and mobile app.

They're designed to take newcomers step by step through the process of buying digital currencies such as Bitcoin for the first time. Instead of 'trade', the interface employs terms consumers use in everyday life such as 'buy' and 'pay with'.

The wizard simply asks users which digital currency they want to buy, how much of it they want, and which currency they want to pay for it with.

That's it. What could be easier?

Nauticus takes its inspiration from the way Apple transformed personal computing in the 1980s, by making its platform as intuitive and easy to use as possible.

With 280,000 accounts in 84 countries, Nauticus is well on its way to becoming Australia's first globally focused digital financial platform. It offers easy trading in 18 digital currencies and AUD and by mid-2019, it will also offer low cost, borderless money transfer and foreign currency trading.

"We know that many people find finance confusing or even scary," said CEO, Bryan Ng. "That's why we've designed our user interfaces to be so simple that anyone can use them."

"Imagine the benefits of simplifying complex financial transactions. It means that everyone, everywhere can have access to the same tools the wealthy use to ensure their financial security."

Visit: Nauticus.io

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