Eaton Wins 2020 China GoldenBee Sustainability Report Evergreen Award

  • Eaton China 2019 Sustainability Report marks the 11th consecutive report Eaton has released to the public
  • It was awarded "2020 China GoldenBee Sustainability Report Evergreen Award - Three-star Rating", the highest in the category of Evergreen Award
  • In 2020, Eaton announced its plans to reduce carbon emission by over 50% and achieve carbon neutral operations by 2030

SHANGHAI, Dec. 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Power management company Eaton today announced it has been awarded the "2020 China GoldenBee Sustainability Report Evergreen Award Three-star Rating" for its Eaton China 2019 Sustainability Report. This is the eighth time Eaton has been included on the GoldenBee Sustainability Report Honor Roll and this year, Eaton won the highest award in the Evergreen category.

On December 3, the GoldenBee Sustainability Report Honor Roll 2020 was unveiled at the 13th International Conference on Sustainability Reporting in China at Beijing. The conference was hosted by China Sustainability Tribune, China Business Council for Sustainable Development and GoldenBee Think Tank and co-hosted by Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of the Embassy of Sweden. Participants shared insights on widely debated topics including the new trends, methods and channels on sustainability information disclosure and communication. Livestreamed on the NetEase platform, the conference pulled over 550,000 online views.

The Honor Roll is designed to commend enterprises which demonstrated a long-time commitment on pursuing a harmonious synergetic relationship with the environment and the society. Eaton, along with 87 award winners, was in the shortlist from over 1,700 competitors, for excellence it displayed in developing report standards, formulating contents, information management, communication and disclosure.

"We are thrilled and honored to receive this award. This acknowledgement of our Eaton China 2019 Sustainability Report means that our relentless efforts and achievements in sustainable development have been well-received by the industry and society at large," said Anna Zhuang, Director, APAC Corporate Communications, Eaton, "As the report was not released until the latter half of 2020, we acted fast to include Eaton's response to the pandemic and highlighted impressive contributions by the business groups, teams and specific individuals. We wanted to look back on our team's remarkable work and thank them for their efforts." 

Notably, the report underscored Eaton's mission and key steps in meeting its 2030 sustainability targets. Anna added, "By reiterating our targets, we are more oriented on our path towards Eaton's sustainability. Eaton will continue to step up efforts on creating an increasingly diversified and inclusive workplace, and on providing high-performance solutions to issues of common concern for our clients, business partners, government and other stakeholders. The way I see it, the report is less of numbers and charts but more of a string of stories about what people at Eaton think and what they have done to turn thoughts into reality."

Eaton China 2019 Sustainability Report
Eaton China 2019 Sustainability Report

Eaton China 2019 Sustainability Report

As the 11th sustainability report Eaton has released, it underlines the concrete steps Eaton has taken to honor its commitment of "improving the quality of life and the environment". The report is composed of chapters describing employee development and engagement, creating impactful products and solutions and reducing footprints. With inclusion and diversity at the core of its corporate culture, Eaton has sought to improve employees' satisfaction on work and life through employee engagement activities. While always keen on providing high-performance solutions and products in Electrical, Aerospace, Hydraulics and Vehicle sectors, Eaton attaches great importance to minimizing the impacts it may exert on the environment.

The GoldenBee Sustainability Report Honor Roll was generated based on extensive consulting and assessment conducted on the collected reports. The evaluation event is possibly the most credible and reliable evaluation event on sustainability report with so far the widest coverage in China. Started as early as 13 years ago, it evaluated over 15,000 sustainability reports, with awards granted only to about 700 reports from 250 enterprises. The 2020 award proves a boost to Eaton on its path towards developing sustainability reports of leading quality and standards.

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Eaton's mission is to improve the quality of life and the environment through the use of power management technologies and services. We provide sustainable solutions that help our customers effectively manage electrical, hydraulic, and mechanical power – more safely, more efficiently, and more reliably. Eaton's 2019 revenues were $21.4 billion, and we sell products to customers in more than 175 countries. We have approximately 92,000 employees.

Eaton began operation in China more than 20 years ago. Since entering the Chinese market in 1993, Eaton's presence has grown significantly in the country. In 2004, Eaton moved its Asia Pacific headquarters from Hong Kong to Shanghai.

In the Greater China region, Eaton has nearly 9,800 employees, 29 manufacturing bases and 5 R&D centers. Today, we make most products for all of Eaton's distinct business here.

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