eCloudvalley: The Fallacy Surrounding Cloud Adoption for Enterprises

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, Sept. 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Faruq Ahmad Kamal, Solution Architect Manager of eCloudvalley, shared his thought on The Fallacy Surrounding Cloud Adoption for Enterprises.

While the cloud has a lot to offer, it can be daunting to venture for some. There can be many reasons why most enterprises made the ultimate decision to move their workload to the cloud. One example could be that their data center lease is about to expire, or the enterprise is exploring some cognitive services to improve their data analytics capabilities. Though the motivation might vary from enterprise to enterprise, moving to the cloud is inevitable.

Some enterprises are ecstatic to get their feet wet in the cloud despite a lack of essential knowledge. For example, some people believe that once their server is moved to the cloud, it will never crash again. While others believe that their assets are safe in the cloud. In the worst-case scenario, they believe the cloud is the silver bullet they have been looking for, which often leads them to overlook best practices when migrating workloads to the cloud. These are some examples of common misconceptions among enterprises about the cloud.

Though it is good to get an early start, it is always safer when guided by a professional in the field. Those without in-depth knowledge might make a wrong move and mislead them from the ultimate objective. For example, one might expect resiliency if they deploy their workload in a single availability zone. This deployment is a classic example of failing to adhere to cloud best practices, as we will need to deploy our workload across two or more availability zones for resiliency. Besides addressing resiliency, security is the utmost critical factor when moving one's workload to the cloud. At AWS and eCloudvalley, we believe that security is Job Zero.

Most people may be perplexed as to why the cloud can be frightening for some people. There are many services available in the cloud, which can be overwhelming for those who are new in the field. Without sound understanding, one might choose the wrong service for the wrong reasons. One popular trend at the moment is the adoption of containers for hosting one's application on the cloud. For usage on containers, AWS has a lot of services available for all suites. There is a classic saying in the Malay literature, "Ukur baju di badan sendiri", where it means we need to know the people (the executioner) who are in charge of strategizing our journey. For an enterprise with capable employees to manage their cluster, they might be well off with AWS Kubernetes, and for those who would like to focus only on the application, are well off with AWS Fargate. Ultimately, we must acknowledge that the cloud is never a destination; it is a journey.

There are no standard guidelines or recipe to describe the right way of going about the cloud adoption. Everyone's journey is unique in its own merits. Owing to this, most CSPs established a common framework for cloud adoption. It is important to iterate that though having the framework helps; the enterprises should educate themselves on the basics of cloud technology and consult certified professionals on learning more.

Moving to the cloud should be fulfilling and beneficial to the enterprise. Let eCloudvalley be the cloud partner you can depend on. Reach out to us via our email at