EcoFutures Launches Fundraiser To Build Eco-Villages That Promote Sustainability and Green Awareness

EcoFutures begins funding of their first eco-village located in Scotland.

EcoFutures has recently launched a fundraising campaign to encourage people to donate towards sustainability and environmentally-friendly projects such as their eco-village in Scotland. An eco-village is a community with strong and vibrant social structures that are integrated by common ecological, economic and social values. Their focus for their eco-village project is to promote ecological building, renewable energy systems, the reduction and recycling of waste, and local food production. The ultimate goal for EcoFutures is to showcase the many possibilities for working towards a sustainable and environmentally-friendly future that can help preserve the planet.

EcoFutures highlights the environmental crisis that the world is currently facing. If the world was to increase by a mere 1.5 degrees celsius, we could see figures like a 70% decrease in coral reefs and a 1.5 million tonne decline in fisheries across the world. If this was to increase by just 0.5 degrees celsius to 2 degrees, this would increase to a 99% decrease in coral reefs and 3 million tonnes lost in marine fisheries.

Proceeds from the EcoFutures fundraiser will be used to bring the company’s eco-village vision to life in Scotland. The funds will be used to bring experienced developers and renewable energy experts onboard the project, allowing them to build the eco-village from the ground up. The team intends to record progress via social media to keep investors in the loop.

For more information about EcoFuture, please refer to the contact details below or visit for more about their fundraiser.

Contact: EcoFutures
Address: 30 Churchill Place, Canary Wharf, London E14 5EU
Phone: 07723148596

Contact Info:
Name: EcoFutures
Email: Send Email
Organization: EcoFutures
Address: 30 Churchill Place, Canary Wharf, London E14 5EU
Phone: 07723148596


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