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EdgeVerve unveils AssistEdge Discover 1.5, to amplify Intelligent Automation with Process Insights

EdgeVerve unveils AssistEdge Discover 1.5, to amplify Intelligent Automation with Process Insights

- Native AI engine delivers actionable process insights to unlock hidden value from business processes

BENGALURU, India, Oct. 12, 2020  /PRNewswire/ -- EdgeVerve Systems, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Infosys, recently unveiled AssistEdge Discover 1.5. From non-intrusively capturing human-machine interactions to leveraging AI to create actionable process insights, AssistEdge Discover 1.5 will act as a powerful foundation to help organizations seeking to leverage process discovery, drive intelligent automation and process excellence.

Enterprises today are constantly focusing on being agile, hyper-productive, and resilient, to meet significant cost pressures, intense competition, disruption in supply chain, and changing customer needs. While automation led transformations have delivered results, enterprises can further amplify automation benefits by unlocking hidden business value trapped in processes, through process discovery.

AssistEdge Discover 1.5 captures extremely fine-grained, keystroke data in a privacy-compliant environment to provide insight around transactions. Sophisticated algorithms analyze this data to identify process insights and automation opportunities along with continuous monitoring for compliance and process training opportunities. This data can also be integrated with other tools including process mining and workforce management to develop broader process visibility and business transformation.

AssistEdge Discover 1.5, an offering from EdgeVerve's Cohesive automation platform AssistEdge, comes equipped with:

  • Smart sensors for data capture
  • Native AI Engine that converts empirical data into process insights
  • Interactive Process Maps for granular visibility into processes
  • Process Metrics to continuously monitor and optimize processes
  • Automation Blueprint offering a view on process readiness
  • Secure, privacy compliant, and GDPR ready to meet enterprise security guidelines


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