Education + Art, New Oriental's "Life Lies in Learning" Installation Art Show Draws Broad Attention

BEIJING, Nov. 7, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- From November 1 to 7, New Oriental Education & Technology Group Inc. (the "Company" or "New Oriental") (NYSE: EDU), the largest provider of private educational services in China, held an installation art show themed "Life Lies in Learning" at Eslite Spectrum, interpreting the meaning of "learning" with new installation art.

Life Lies in Learning, Interpreting Learning with Art

The primary installation artwork at the show is a hollowed-out statue wearing doctorial hat and gown. Created with steel, the statue is composed of more than 15,000 laser-engraved English letters, digits and symbols. It took more than 50,000 welds and 7 months to finally take shape. Around the statue, there are 26 English letter installations built with 1.6m high steel frames featuring warm light source inside and canvas outside. Except the letter X which represents the "unknown you", every other letter installation has an English word - starting from the letter - on it. Below the word, it's the story of a learner which reflects the word's meaning. Together, the 25 stories tell the 25-history of New Oriental.

Xie Yong, creator of this installation and dean of the School of Fine Art at Shenyang University, once won international awards including gold Effie Award with works like "Pain from Thousands of Needles." He said: "The art work was created through hammering, polishing, connecting and casting, much like the learning process. The final installation is a statue and can also be seen as life."

New Oriental Celebrates 25th Anniversary with Art

As an "Art + Education" crossover innovation, it is the first art show in the education industry that uses installation art for an education theme, celebrating the 25th anniversary of New Oriental.

"This installation art show reflects New Oriental's education philosophy of 'lifetime learning, global vision, independent personality and social responsibility,'" said Michael Yu, founder of New Oriental. Educate and art are closely related to each other. Art is an integral part of the education for all-around development that China is strongly promoting. "Education of all children should start from art. If children can better discover, express and create beauty, they will love the world more and better address difficulties and frustrations in their life."

The "Life Lies in Learning" Installation Art Show demonstrates the power of "Art + Education." All visitors of this show have their own understanding and interpretation of "learning" based what they see and feel, which is the charm of art.

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