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Edufront and Ashraya Support Mijwan Welfare Society's Efforts to Empower Girl Child Students

Edufront and Ashraya Support Mijwan Welfare Society's Efforts to Empower Girl Child Students

NEW DELHI, Jan. 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- The Mijwan Welfare Society, an organisation founded by poet Kaifi Azmi and currently led by his daughter, actress Shabana Azmi, is partnering with Edufront Technologies to leverage Edufront's technology and model to support the students and teachers under the care of the Mijwan Welfare Society.

The Ashraya society will provide the hardware and digital learning ecosystem that Edufront has developed to offer the schools a comprehensive and holistic solution for their education needs.

Vinod Pandey, CEO of the Mijwan Welfare Society stated on this occassion his desire to achieve three results: "Train and create a cadre of both teachers and students on using digital methods for teaching, learning, and enjoying; to bridge the digital divide; and enhance learning experience among students."

Shantanu Jha, co-founder of Edufront, said "We are thrilled to work with Mijwan, whose mission of empowering young girls with education and digital literacy is close to our own hearts. Edufront was founded with a vision to create technology and opportunities for those with a paucity of access to them, and we believe that our partnership with Mijwan and Ashraya exemplifies those goals."

About Mijwan Welfare Society

Kaifi Azmi founded the Mijwan Welfare Society with a vision of employment, self-reliance, and sustainable development for the people of his home village of Mijwan. It aims to bring social and economic equity to the village, and to use programs focused on education and computer literacy to bring children into the mainstream of society.

About Edufront Technologies

The Digital Learning Ecosystem of Edufront offers schools the advantages of automating key school management functionalities: an intuitive, easy-to-use and powerful operating system for learning is coupled to a comprehensive educational resource management system.

Thereby the Edufront platform helps schools organise all their activities in real time through a common platform while making effective learning readily available to anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Edufront offers solutions mapped to NCERT curricula for classes K to 12 with an eye to making learning more proactive, collaborative, and personalised. It also has content mapped to 29 state boards and can be adapted to the needs of school systems.

About Ashraya

Ashraya is a non-profit organisation founded in 1997 to give aid to development projects in the fields of education and human health.

In education, Ashraya focuses on using technology to transform schools for the underprivileged with the aim of giving every child in India a world class education.

Ashraya also seeks to give shelter, support, and health education to those suffering from ailments, with a particular emphasis on giving aid and succour to the elderly.

Contact Information:

Shantanu Jha
+91 98911 22922

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