EduTech Startup GeniRobot to Expand Southeast Asian Market via Thailand Joint Venture

Through global partners including Ookbee, supply GeniClass, and Genibot to Southeast Asian countries

SEOUL, South Korea, Dec. 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- From GeniRobot's Thailand-based subsidiary, GENITHAI, plans to expand its EduTech services further into the Southeast Asian market. GeniRobot, is an EduTech enterprise and a joint venture member of Born2Global Centre, that has developed and supplied GENICLASS, a real-time interactive video-based educational platform, and GENIBOT, an all-in-one educational robot optimized for coding, STEAM, and AI education. The partners of the subsidiary are Ookbee, NEXT CHALLENGE VENTURES (THAILAND) and Bumrungrad Hospital Public Company. GeniRobot has participated in a project for supporting overseas expansion of D.N.A (Data, Network, AI) convergence products led by Born2Global Centre.

After incorporation of the joint venture in September, CEO Lee Eun-Seung (Jackie) of GeniRobot initiated preparation for local projects through on-site visits to Thailand. Following meetings with collaborative partners there, the company is striving to develop market penetration strategies in areas such as content and medical services.

GeniRobot will target existing and new customers of its joint venture partner Ookbee, a popular content platform in Thailand, to promote its products and expand markets. The company expects the joint venture to introduce both a real-time interactive video educational platform and an educational-use robot to the Southeast Asian market. By positioning its services on the Ookbee platform, GeniRobot expects the service to enter neighboring countries in Southeast Asia, further strengthening its competitiveness.

GeniRobot CEO Lee said, "The joint venture will allow us to lay the groundwork to commercialize an educational robot and an interactive educational platform in steadily growing education markets in Southeast Asia. As GeniRobot has been successful in Poland, Hungary, and Saudi Arabia, we will continue to grow as a top-rated educational technology business both in Korea and worldwide."

Furthermore, the joint venture between GeniRobot, Ookbee, NEXT CHALLENGE VENTURES (THAILAND) and Bumrungrad Hospital Public Company was established as part of the Born2Global Centre's partnership program. Through its support of DCA-convergence products and services, Born2Global Centre serves as a launchpad for innovative startups to enter global markets. Born2Global Centre provides startups with different levels of consulting services, from partnership exploration & creation to business establishment, operations, joint R&D projects, and market expansion.

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