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Embark on A Personalised Search Journey with Petal Search

Embark on A Personalised Search Journey with Petal Search

Petal Search proves itself once again by winning the iF Awards 2022 for User Experience

SHENZHEN, China, June 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- With over 3.5 billion searches made daily(Source: Smart Insights) over a wide range of search topics, and up to 55% of teens using alternate search methods such as voice search, search engines are required to be dynamically versatile. Petal Search takes the user's search journey a step further by allowing users to discover information relative to their search instead of just providing answers to further personalise search services.

Petal Search provides all-in-one search services
Petal Search provides all-in-one search services

Petal Search has been committed to improving itself to better serve users and is ranked among the top 3 search engines in more than 18 countries and regions around the world(Source: Statcounter).

Petal Search wins the iF Award 2022

In recognition of Petal Search's efforts towards building an all-connected search journey unique to everyone, the search engine has recently won the iF Award 2022 under the User Experience (UX) discipline.

Founded in 1953, iF Design has since become a global symbol of excellent design. The annual iF DESIGN AWARD is currently one of the most prestigious design awards worldwide. As a winner of this award, Petal Search constantly strives to improve the user experience by elevating its services so each one can enjoy the convenience of a search journey tailored to them. 

Nowadays, as more information is generated and consumed in individual apps, creating separate information islands. As the saying goes, no man is an island, and with Petal Search, no app is too. This achievement spotlights Petal Search's commitment to building better connections between users and the scattered islands of information across their phones. Petal Search will continue to take users on an inspiring search journey through smart recommendations and visualisations, obtaining all the information they have been looking for at once.

Petal Search offers a universal search services anytime, anywhere

With the variety of apps used by consumers these days, switching between multiple apps and attempting to find what user need across the array of apps on their phone can be a hassle. Studies showing the increase of Zero-Click searches by 15% (Source: SparkToro) within the past year, highlighting the fact that users will start to expect results without having to be sent to a third-party site. Having identified this pain point, Huawei's Petal Search is designed to provide an all-inclusive search experience for convenience.

Petal Search allows consumers to search for results on local devices as well as online. Working with over 3000 business partners from various industries Petal Search has the answer to all. Providing search results in one place, Petal Search saves user the trouble of toggling between multiple pages to locate that specific piece of information they're hunting for.

With instant responses for every letter user type, Petal Search starts to predict and offer possible search results. Based on the user's search habits collected through smart mode, Petal Search has a better idea to understand what users want, what they look for online and websites that they usually go to. With that, Petal Search is able personalise itself and provide results to users even before they search for it.

What's more, if you'd like to search for a service - to book a tour, order food, and more - you don't have to open individual apps to do so. Instead, accomplish all you need to do within one app thank to Petal Search.

Additionally, users can even get services from different providers within one app. Within Petal Search, user can compare prices across multiple service providers. Get notified about real-time weather reports and many more results directly from Petal Search's main search page. 

Petal Search has personalised recommendations ready at fingertips

With the limitless amount of information and products available on the internet, users may often find themselves overwhelmed with the volume of content they find online. However, with the help of search engine technology, users have been provided with a method to cut through content to achieve the desired results.

We're all different. And Petal Search recognises that. Your unique traits set you apart, and Petal Search strives to tailor the search experience to users.

Before searching, Petal Search gets to know consumers, from their habits, interests to the context of their daily life, to predict search terms based on the above and give recommendations, from frequently used apps and sites, tasks they're about to perform, and articles they might like. 

Petal Search's interactive, visualised content lets users' thoughts bloom

It's not always the destination that matters, but the journey. Beyond providing customised, accurate results, Petal Search takes user on a search journey, encouraging they to explore and to unleash their thoughts.

By suggesting related information to user' search queries. For example, showing related products when they attempt to search up an image or offering videos on topics similar to what they've just watched, Petal Search hopes to inspire exploration.

Petal Search displays interactive visualised content that lets their creative juices flow freely. A sea of numerous search results can be a hassle to wade through when they're trying to find what they need, but with visualised content, they'll be able to zoom on what they're looking for at a glance.

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