Employees are more than just statistics

Employees are more than just statistics

What you need

Entry requirements for an Auxiliary Police Officer (APO) in Aetos Security Management:

Local applicants

At least 3 GCE N-level passes

A National Institute of Technical Education Certificate (Nitec) Malaysian applicants

At least three credits in the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (Malaysian Certificate of Education) examinations Any previous security experience in the police or military will be counted towards the starting position.

Career prospects:

Applicants aiming to join as APOs usually start as police constables. They then climb the ranks, depending on individual ability.

Annual performance reviews are conducted and supervisors can recommend outstanding officers for promotion, ensuring that hard work and ability do not go unnoticed.

Once they reach the rank of Inspector of Police, officers generally take on a more managerial or supervisory role.

AETOS is Greek for eagle, and employees at Aetos Security Management, Singapore's leading security company, live up to their organisation's namesake.

Take Auxiliary Police Force Sergeant Anwar Amir, 43.

Standing sentry over some of Singapore's key installations, he remains keen and vigilant, trained to maintain an eagle's eye-view of clients' unique personal and business situations - a role model to his team of Auxiliary Police Officers (APOs).

"In our field of work, situations that demand an immediate response can happen at any time. A good Auxiliary Police Officer must be able to quickly assess a situation and make good decisions," he said.

It certainly is a job of many responsibilities.

While many people believe that APOs are merely security guards, they actually provide a host of different security services including traffic, crowd and event management.

"We also often provide information about the security policies of the company we are guarding to visitors. We follow directions well and can act as leaders in dangerous situations," said Sgt Anwar.

His duties also include detecting illegal immigrants, prohibited and contraband goods or items and forged travel documents - no small task, and one performed with pride by Sgt Anwar and his team.

He said: "Honesty, integrity and courage are important characteristics in APOs. The ability to take pride in our work as well as standing by our moral and ethical beliefs is important."

"We have a strong sense of duty to ourselves, our employers and the public."

Strength of character is also essential. Such dedication to an invaluable service should of course be fittingly rewarded.

Just as they ensure security for clients, Aetos ensures that its APOs are well taken care of.

Besides a high monthly salary, annual wage bonuses and profit sharing bonuses, employees enjoy perks like bursaries for their children and free passes to local attractions.

Courses certified by Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications are also provided, and all officers are ensured equal opportunities to prove their worth and work their way up.

"The management communicates expectations to me clearly and consistently demonstrates genuine interest in the well-being of each of its employees. I am able to speak to my supervisors on any matter and they usually help me resolve it quickly.

"I feel that I am treated as an individual here, rather than just another statistic," said Sgt Anwar.

While happy with the organisation as a whole, Sgt Anwar's greatest joy lies in the on-the-job satisfaction and sense of fulfilment he gets out of being an APO with Aetos.

"This is a job that requires us to put our own safety on the line for the safety of others. It is mostly regarded as a very honourable and noble job, and I derive a sense of value from this profession.

"Whether it is securing the premises of our clients against intruders or simply directing someone to their destination, I am glad to know that I will always be contributing positively to someone else's life," added Sgt Anwar.

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