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Empowering esports excellence: AGON by AOC expands sponsorship of fast-growing FURIA Esports team to global level

Empowering esports excellence: AGON by AOC expands sponsorship of fast-growing FURIA Esports team to global level
SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 20 July 2023 - AGON by AOC – one of the world's leading gaming monitor[1] and IT accessories brands – is excited to announce the expansion of its sponsorship of FURIA Esports. This collaboration, which began locally in São Paulo at the organization's inception, is set to go global, reflecting FURIA's dynamic growth and increasing popularity.

Leveling up together: AGON by AOC joins FURIA Esports on global adventure
Leveling up together: AGON by AOC joins FURIA Esports on global adventure

Delving into FURIA's World
Founded in 2017, FURIA has quickly become a global sensation in the esports arena. By reaching the semifinals of the IEM Rio Major 2022, the team surpassed all expectations. This is the organization's best result in a major so far. Competing in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Rocket League, League of Legends, Valorant, PUBG: Battlegrounds, Apex Legends and Super Smash Bros and racing, FURIA received the "Prêmio eSports Brasil" - the biggest eSports award in Latin America - as the best esports organisation in 2020 and 2021. With an impressive lineup of over 10 rosters, including an all-female CS:GO roster, featuring more than 80 professional athletes and supported by over 215 dedicated employees, the organization continues to break new ground.

To date, FURIA has five facilities with gaming offices in São Paulo, Brazil, Los Angeles, CA, and Boca Raton, FL, a training center in Mellieha, Malta for FURIA teams competing in Europe, as well as an experience store in Wynwood, FL. Academy teams and cutting-edge training are helping to discover new talent and nurture the esports stars of tomorrow. The organization's approach to talent development has led to unprecedented audience records, attracting 8.2 million viewers from around the world in 2022. With a strong digital following especially of young and dynamic individuals, primarily in the 25-34 age bracket, FURIA has proven itself to be a trendsetter in esports fan interaction. For instance, during Rio Major 2022 and IEM Rio 2023, FURIA organized their "Casa FURIA" event, with an attendance of 1000 people, celebrating the richness of the Brazilian culture, featuring broadcasts of FURIA and various music acts each day.

Elevating the Gaming Landscape
The expanded sponsorship agreement means that AGON by AOC will now equip all teams and players at FURIA's esports events with its competitive gaming monitors from the AGON and AGON PRO series along with state-of-the-art AOC Gaming peripherals. These superior devices promise lightning-fast response times, high refresh rates and unmatched ergonomics, setting the stage for exceptional gaming experiences and giving FURIA's players an unrivalled competitive edge. In turn, their insights will help AGON by AOC 's engineering teams evolve their already world-class equipment even further.

Furthermore, AGON by AOC's branding will be prominently displayed globally at FURIA's events and platforms, and will also be proudly worn on the jerseys of FURIA's esports teams.

Mayra Fukasawa de Almeida, AOC Global Marketing Manager , explains the motivation behind this sponsorship: "Our initial local sponsorship was a testament to our belief in FURIA's potential to thrive in the esports landscape. We're thrilled to be able to support their journey on a global scale and believe that our cutting-edge gaming technology will play a vital role in their continued success ".

Jaime Pádua, FURIA's Co-Founder and CEO, also adds: "AGON by AOC's unwavering support has been instrumental in our journey. Their pioneering technology has empowered our teams to perform at their best. This expanded global sponsorship paves the way for an even brighter future for our players and fans alike ".

[1] IDC Quarterly Gaming Tracker - Gaming Monitor 2023 Q1

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FURIA is one of the leading esports organizations in the world. Founded in 2017 by André Akkari, Jaime Pádua, and Cris Guedes, FURIA competes in the top titles and leagues of esports worldwide but aims for more than just competitive success: it seeks to become a sociocultural movement that positively impacts the contexts in which it is involved. Currently, it has structures in Brazil, Malta, and the United States that support its pillars of performance, lifestyle, content, business, technology, and social impact.

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