Energo Labs Announces 2018 Strategic Plans, Accelerating Asia's Energy Revolution

MANILA, Philippines, Nov. 15, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Energo Labs was invited as an exhibitor at the ASEAN Solar + Energy Storage Congress & Expo 2017, held in Manila, the capital of the Philippines, on November 14-15 by Leader Associates.  The summit gathered many government agencies, well-known clean energy companies, senior industry leaders, as well as many scientific and technological innovation representatives from around the world to discuss future trends and innovations in clean energy.

On the first day of the summit, Energo Labs was invited to conduct interviews with a number of well-known local media outlets including newspapers, magazines, radio stations, and websites.

COO of Energo Labs Kaikai Yang, said: "As a developing country, the Philippines has the second highest electricity price in Asia, second only to Japan, a developed country, and more natural disasters are likely to cause damage to the national grid. In fact, the power system in the Philippines is in a sub-healthy state during power outages, which gives Energo Labs a chance to promote the development of a DAE community in the area. " Kaikai Yang also told the media during the interview that" Energo Labs' microgrid project in the Philippines is now entering its second stage, and the scope will continue to gradually expand."

After introducing local projects in the Philippines, Kaikai Yang also disclosed strategic plans. "Apart from the Philippines, by the end of 2017, Energo Labs will also cooperate with other domestic and overseas government agencies and strategic partners in many Asian countries such as India and Taiwan, launching more microgrid projects to unlock the boundless potential of the clean energy market in Asia. We will also keep developing products that will apply blockchain to EV charging, planned to be piloted early next year. "

At the summit, Energo Labs proposed a point-to-point power trading system that integrates blockchain with microgrids, smart meters, and energy storage systems, and is favored by participants including a number of ASEAN governments. People with different experiences in the industry in the ASEAN power system have expressed optimism about this new mode of energy production and sales. A government official said: "The driving force behind the innovative energy industry is unimaginable."

After several interviews with the Philippine media, Kaikai Yang headed to Singapore immediately, along with the Qtum team, to participate in the "Blockchain +" summit held at the Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) on November 14. During the two-day event, many fintech experts gave on-site speeches to promote discussion on a number of topics such as financial investments based on blockchain technology, and authentication and security mechanisms. The innovative possibilities of combining blockchain and artificial intelligence were also explored at the summit.

Energo Labs has been invited to attend the BlockShow Asia 2017 summit which will be held in Singapore from December 29 to 30. The event will be attended by CEO and co-founder of BankToTheFuture.com, and author of The World Without Banks, Simon Dixon; Cao Yin, co-founder of the Energy Blockchain Laboratory; Executive Director of the Bitcoin Foundation, Llew Claasen; Shaun Djie, co-founder of DigixGlobal; and many other industry elites to discuss cutting-edge global blockchain developments.

It will be critical to see the value of blockchain in decentralizing energy as Asia's energy markets turn towards sustainability in 2018.