Energy Industries Council: Opportunities in the Indonesian Renewables Market

LONDON, Sept. 23, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- On 23 and 25 September, the Energy Industries Council (EIC), the leading trade association for companies that supply goods and services to the energy industries worldwide, will hold roundtables in London and Aberdeen with leading Indonesian companies representing the full range of energy sectors and organisations of all sizes, in collaboration with the Department for International Trade (DIT) and the British Embassy Jakarta.

During the course of the meeting delegates, including state owned enterprise PT PLN (National Electricity Company) and EPC contractor PT PP Energi, will discuss the Indonesian energy industry including how to enable UK companies to export their products and services, in addition to key findings in a recently published report, 'Indonesia Renewable Energy Business Opportunities', published by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office.

Indonesia is the 4th most-populous country and according to PwC will be the 4th largest economy in the world by 2050. That growth will generate increased demand for energy, which will create new opportunities for renewable energy companies.

Indonesia is blessed with an abundance and wide variety of renewable energy resources. The government has therefore set ambitious targets for renewable energy to meet its greenhouse gas emissions targets in the energy sector and to increase national energy security. The National Energy Policy (KEN) and Plan (RUEN) target that renewable energy resources provide 23% of all final energy consumption by 2025, and the draft National Electricity Plan (RUKN) targets 25% renewable electricity for the power sector by 2025.

The report provides a high-level overview of energy market opportunities in Indonesia. A more detailed free report features live and pending commercial renewable energy projects as well as regulations, pricing, contract terms, procurement methods, key decision-makers, local-content requirements, and potential partners for each type of renewable energy.

Commenting ahead of the round table event, Joel Derbyshire, DIT Country Director for Indonesia, said: "Indonesia's renewable energy market is changing.  Current initiatives are accelerating the renewable energy market and will create medium- to long-term opportunities. However, to secure future high-value contracts, UK companies need to be on the ground developing their networks in the short term. This new report aims to empower UK companies with the knowledge they need to enter Indonesia's energy market, develop relationships on the ground, and pursue projects before the market becomes mainstreamed."

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