English learning at home trend with Monkey Stories app in Southeast Asia

HANOI, Vietnam, Jan. 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Monkey Stories, developed by Early Start JSC, is the most downloaded English learning app for children aged 2-10 in Thailand. Also, the application with 10 million users worldwide is creating a trend of encouraging children to learn English at home among South-East Asian parents during the global pandemic. This trend results from 'Monkey Stories' many outstanding benefits, such as providing kids with American accent training without going abroad or enlightening them with a huge amount of content of thousands of stories, which is updated for free every week and so on.

Monkey Stories is the optimal solution for Indonesian parents with children aged 2-10, which helps their children learn English at home and comprehensively develop 4 skills of Listening - Speaking - Reading - Writing.
Monkey Stories is the optimal solution for Indonesian parents with children aged 2-10, which helps their children learn English at home and comprehensively develop 4 skills of Listening - Speaking - Reading - Writing.

One of the limitations of children in non-English speaking countries when learning this language is insufficient exposure to the standardized English-speaking environment. As a consequence, children often encounter issues such as: incorrect pronunciation, slow listening and speaking reflexes, etc. Learning at language centers with native English speaking teachers is not favored by the majority due to high expenses, especially for families with many children.

The learning methods provided by 'Monkey Stories' address most of these concerns. All audios on the app are recorded by native speakers and assessed by leading US language experts. The cost of studying with Monkey Stories is always affordable for most families. Children can flexibly learn anytime, anywhere, on different devices such as phones, computers or tablets.

Monkey Stories has made a big change to the learning habits of children in South-East Asian countries such as Indonesia and Thailand. By creating a daily standardized English-focused environment. In addition, the Monkey Phonics module of Monkey Stories helps children practice English pronunciation from a young age. Thanks to the application of Phonics method that is popular in plenty of developed countries in the world such as US, Canada, Monkey Phonics is the first standardized English spelling learning program on mobile app for kids worldwide. In a short period of time, Monkey Phonics helps the children to be able to read new English words, even though they have never been taught those words. Ms. Dessy, a parent living in Bangkok, Thailand, said: "Even my child's teacher was surprised because of his pronunciation improvement. After 2 months he has been able to speak longer sentences and become more confident in speaking English overall. I feel very assured."

In addition to Monkey Phonics, the Monkey Stories app has 3 other programs: Stories, Lessons & Audiobooks, which are conducted by American experts to help children develop comprehensively 4 skills of English, including Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. Each lesson of the programs was designed with vivid graphics and sound and interactive educational games that enable learning while playing. In addition to the huge collection of more than 1,000 stories, 300 lessons & 200 audiobooks which is categorized by grade to accommodate all children's English levels, new free lessons are uploaded weekly. As a result, children get to acquire the most up-to-date and interesting knowledge. This is a feature that very few apps offer today. Mr. Ali, from Java Island, Indonesia, shared "Every week my children eagerly wait for the new stories on Monkey Stories. Since their first use of the app, my children have learned English diligently and voluntarily more than ever before."

'Monkey Stories' is an application that proudly helps children excel in English before the age of 10; the app is developed by Early Start, an English-software-for-children publishing company based in the U.S. Having been in the market for more than 6 years, with the Monkey brand, Early Start has won a number of international awards: First Prize of Global Innovation through Science and Technology in the US, First Prize of Design at Asian Entrepreneurship Award in Japan, Gold ICT Award in Brunei. Additionally, the company apps have, multiple times, been on the top-trending list on Play Store and App Store.