Enjoy Smart Diving with New Dive Computer CYANO

SEOUL, South Korea, Sept. 4, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Watoom (Junghan Yoo, president), the company which has developed dive computer, equipment for scuba diving and other waterproof electronic products since 2015, has launched a new dive computer named CYANO after about two years of research and development.

CYANO is a wristwatch-style dive computer
CYANO is a wristwatch-style dive computer

CYANO Dive Computer is a wristwatch-style dive computer which uses its attractive appearance to appeal to young divers based on a compact and sleek design.

CYANO is a durable and solid product, constructed with high quality materials such as SUS316L Stainless Steel and silicone. By adopting a wireless recharging method, it reduced the inconvenience and risk of battery replacement. The battery life of CYANO is 10 hours in diving mode, more than 48 hours in watch mode and more than 15 days in standby mode.

CYANO also adopted slide strap replacement method and offers both watch mode and diving mode. Using watch mode, it has 2 types of digital watch forms and 2 types of analog watch forms with 4 colors to choose from, which makes it possible for clients to express their individuality with one of the 16 types of watch designs.

Furthermore, there is a CYANO application by which users can easily change the mode. It is possible to store and manage diving logs with the application and can be shared by SMS.

Recently Watoom presented CYANO to the American market at ORSM Show 2017 held in Salt Lake City, and acquiring a lot of favorable comments.

They will show their products again at DEMA SHOW 2017 held in Orlando, Florida from 1st of November to 4th and at DTR SHOW held in Hong Kong from 15th of December to 17th.

Watoom will launch a KICKSTARTER crowd funding campaign on the 10th of October.

Home page: http://www.i-cyano.com/ 
Facebook page: www.facebook.com/cyano.en

Contact: +82-31-8044-8152
Email: info@i-watoom.com

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