Entrepreneurs discuss how traditional industries can embrace the Internet at Internet + Zhiliangzhi (Wuzhen) Conference

WUZHEN, China, April 24, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- From April 20 to 22, Zhilianghi Siheyuan hosted the Internet + Zhiliangzhi (Wuzhen) Conference, supported by the people's government of Tongxiang County.

Delegates from the major industry clusters talking about the rules of Internet World.Delegates from the major industry clusters talking about the rules of Internet World.

Echoing the national strategy of Internet Plus, about 3,000 Chinese entrepreneurs gathered in Wuzhen, Zhejiang province, to attend the Zhiliangzhi Study Session to discuss how to develop traditional industries by leveraging the power of the Internet.

Bai Lixin, founder of Zhiliangzhi Siheyuan, said that Wang Yangming philosophy could help regulate the Internet world, and develop positive initiatives from the entrepreneurs of the Internet age. He declared that the Internet world needs more virtue and responsibility, and that companies should pay more attention to the connections between people when pursuing innovation and high technology. All entrepreneurs should help build a more beautiful Internet world for all generations.

Some of them shared their experience and exchanged ideas about how to use Internet technologies to reduce costs, improve efficiency and boost sustainable growth in various industries - including healthcare, catering and food, education, manufacturing, community service and agriculture.

Joe Weinman, who brought up the idea of Cloud Economics, delivered a speech on corporate strategy and the new economy of Internet Plus. He mentioned that, technology innovation would be the source of most of the wealth, but if business model innovation happens at the same time, there will be a great-leap-forward development.

Liao Jieyuan, founder of WeDoctor, said that online medical services do help patients reduce the difficulty of seeing a doctor, but still has some space to improve. An 'AI doctor' project, developed by WeDoctor and Zhejiang University, has been used in more than 100 rural hospitals, which could help doctors in rural areas to make diagnoses. Mr. Liao mentioned that the AI doctor could be used in other developing countries. With Wuzhen Internet Hospital, WeDoctor is China's largest online medical platform with more than 110 million registered users.

Piero Scaruffi, an expert on AI from Silicon Valley, said that China may not be advanced enough to have a Silicon Valley like US, but it is actually not necessary for China to have a Silicon Valley. China may not be good at inventing new technology, but China is good at applying new technologies. There will be good future for applying innovative and high technologies in Chinese traditional industries.

Lastly, Zhiliangzhi Siheyuan issued 'The Wuzhen Initiative', a letter to the Internet world. The letter stated that entrepreneurs need to work together: with the application of the new technologies, they should take more social responsibility, obey the rules and improve the moral level. By promoting positive energy in commercial world, entrepreneurs could achieve greatness for their enterprises and help build a more beautiful Internet world.

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