EonStor CS Scale-Out NAS Perfectly Integrates SSD Cache into M&E Application

TAIPEI, Jan. 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Infortrend® Technology, Inc. (TWSE: 2495), the industry-leading enterprise storage provider, adds SSD cache into EonStor CS scale-out NAS making it a perfect fit for heavy workloads of Media and Entertainment industry applications dealing with 4K/8K ultra-high resolution media ingestion, access, and processing.

EonStor CS is a purpose-built shared media storage that is able to achieve high performance up to 100+GBps and capacity up to 100+PB. The aggregated throughput is linearly increased as new nodes are added into the CS cluster, e.g., 10-node cluster supports 72 4K streams (14.4GB/s) during a simultaneous 600MB/s rendering ingestion. For convenient media access and management, all nodes constitute a cluster under a single namespace. By integrating SSD cache, CS offers great CP value (compared to all-flash array) and overcomes the common problem of large-scale all-HDD NAS, i.e., latency due to high data seek time and reduced overall system performance for random data access and file operations.

CS stores frequently used random access data and file metadata in SSD cache to improve performance, ensuring that workflow and media access are not interrupted by I/O latency. Furthermore, it also provides customized settings for block size of cached data to ensure all the working set data (media files used in a project) will be cached in SSDs first. Thanks to SSDs' near-zero seek time advantage, SSD cache can improve the random data access performance dramatically. Reduced time required for media access greatly improves users' experience and fastens the heavy-duty workflows of 4K/8K video post-production, 3D modelling, etc. When using Premiere Pro to playback multiple HD videos at the same time, the system latency is shortened, and the problem of frame dropping when multiple users are playing back videos is also solved.

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