Epica Immigration deploys its Immi-Tech Platform for customer case management

SINGAPORE, Sept. 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Epica Immigration, an Immigration Consulting division of Epica Singapore, announced the deployment of its immi-tech (Short for immigration Technology) platform for managing its customers in Singapore.

Close to 600,000 people reside in Singapore on Employment passes, S Pass, or dependant passes. Most of these people are keen to obtain Singapore Permanent Residency status, commonly known as Singapore PR.

Immigration and Checkpoint Authority of Singapore approves approximately 30,000 PR applications every year, whereas it is estimated that more than 150,000 people apply for PR Each Year. As a result, there is significant competition for obtaining Singapore PR. More and more people are applying for Singapore PR, but the slots are limited.

Many immigration consultancy firms have started offering their services in Singapore for PR applications in the last few years. However, the cost they charge has been high. The typical fees these other agencies charge has been between 2500 SGD to 5000 SGD per case.

The immi-tech platform that Epica Immigration deployed improves the immigration case management process. The employees working on the case can get a complete view of the case from its single dashboard. The cloud collaboration on the documents required is much improved. There is no need to collect documents by email, which creates confusion about the correct version of a specific file.

The platform generates a daily summary for each case and automatically sends it to the customer. The platform also allows immigration consultants to generate rough drafts of the statutory declarations, affidavits, and any other necessary documents.

Because of the improved productivity and ease of managing immigration cases, Epica can offer PR application packages for around 1450 SGD for a family PR application. This is almost 50% lower than the current offerings in the market.

The high prices of current consultancy packages for PR applications in Singapore keep many people away from utilizing these services.

We want to make this service super affordable (Without losing quality), and deployment of the immi-tech platform is a significant step in that direction. Said Vaibhav Joshi, the founder of the company.

Epica Immigration has Significant Experience in immigration, PR application, and Citizenship application fields. Its management team has worked in the immigration and business consultancy sectors for many years.

About Epica Group: Epica Singapore has three divisions, Epica Immigration focuses on helping foreigners working in Singapore to file their PR applications. Epica Consulting Specialises in business and company registration in Singapore. And Singapore Compliance help fintech companies to obtain necessary licenses from the Monetary Authority of Singapore.