ESAB'S Versotrac EWT 1000 Tractor Features Modular Design, Tool-Less Assembly for Portable Welding Applications

SHANGHAI, May 21, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- ESAB Welding & Cutting Products has introduced Versotrac EWT 1000, one of the most versatile and user-friendly tractors on the market for submerged arc welding, MIG/MAG and Carbon Arc Gouging.

Versotrac's rugged, modularized components can be disassembled into smaller units, hand-carried into confined or remote spaces and then reassembled in minutes. No tools are required.

"This modular tractor system recognizes the portability needs of ship, barge, offshore, wind tower and structural steel applications. Versotrac is a truly modular welding tractor, allowing you to take it anywhere without the need for cranes or other lifting devices," says Magnus Svedlund, Global Product Manager SAW Equipment, ESAB.

The Versotrac can be rebuilt for optimum beam welding positions (including fillet welds in the flat position), comes in four- and three-wheel versions and can be connected together with any of the current ESAB Submerged arc power sources as well as previous generations of ESAB power sources and many other brands of analog controlled power sources already out in the market. A new wire spool handling system detaches for easier transportation and more ergonomic loading of wire spools, while steering handles let operators easily change weld point position.

Quick-connect Welding Head

ESAB further enhanced the modular design of the Versotrac with its Versotrac EWH 1000 welding head and EAC 10 controller, both of which detach. Their associated quick connectors and automatic detection/setup by the controller let users switch between the SAW, GMAW and Gouging processes in seconds.

The Versotrac EWH 1000 welding head incorporates a robust wire feed system that can weld with single wires up to 5 mm and up to 1000A @ 100 percent duty cycle. To maximize productivity, the Versotrac EWH 1000 can be used with a twin wire process. A closed-loop encoder control system ensures precise wire feed speed control.

"In keeping with our quick setup philosophy, we designed the Versotrac EWH 1000 welding head for tool-less interaction on all major adjustments and incorporate scales," says Svedlund. "Memory functions on the wire feed pressure and wire straightener further simplify and reduce down time.

New Controller

The Versotrac uses the entirely new and intuitive EAC 10 controller for greater ease-of-use. Its simplified interface includes functions users need for tractor-based and other light-automation applications, making more room on the display for important functions like real-time, on-screen heat input to monitor and control weld quality at all times. The EAC 10 pendant detaches from the base control unit so operators can work in a comfortable position and change settings from a distance. The EAC 10 controller works with all current ESAB submerged arc welding power sources, as well as most analog power sources on the market.

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