ESN (Ether Social Network) Singapore Meetup is Around the Corner

SEOUL, South Korea, May 8, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Ninefinney, the Singapore incorporation of Genercrypto of Korea, is holding ESN (Ether Social Network) Singapore Meetup on May 8 at the Suntec Tower in Suntec City.


Ninefinney is conducting a free sale until May 14 through the website of EtherSocial Block Sale ( as the Singapore incorporation of Genercrypto of Korea which is supervising the sale of ESN.

ESN is a community coin developed jointly by the users and the developer at Ddengle (, the largest cryptocurrency community in Korea. Its test net and main net have been completed and many miners are currently mining the cryptocurrency on the website. Also, P2P trading of products and coins is being done actively through the community and the coin is establishing an independent Blockchain ecosystem.

Woon-hee Lee, representative of Ninefinney and the system administrator of 'Ddengle' community, is going to introduce ESN and announce its future business plan at the upcoming Singapore Meetup.

After closing the Block Sale on May 14, ESN is scheduled to be listed in June on Bit-Z Cryptocurrency Exchange whose daily trading value is about KRW350 billion.

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