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Breakthrough App Gives Family Members Unprecedented Mobile Access Into Insights, Reports and Transactions to Improve Connectivity, Transparency and Decision Making

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C., May 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Eton Solutions, developer of the cloud-based AtlasFive® technology platform for the family office of the future, today announced the AtlasFive® Mobile App, the first mobile application to give ultra-high-net-worth families customizable, anywhere, anytime access into their net worth, investments, holdings, transactions and documents.

The AtlasFive® Mobile App allows family members to approve or reject transactions from anywhere in the world. Family members can instantly and securely access their individual net worth and customized reports, approve cash distributions, submit bills for payment, and much more. Users can view documents from within the Mobile App, giving them access to reports, financial statements, titles, deeds, wills, investment agreements, etc. It also enhances connectivity and communications through simple, secure messaging functionality to improve engagement and satisfaction with the family office.

"Keeping family members informed and facilitating productive and timely interactions is a key responsibility of family offices." said Rob Mallernee, CEO and founder of Eton Solutions. "The AtlasFive® Mobile App makes the entire process seamless. It is another major step forward in delivering full transparency and information accessibility to family members to enable faster, more informed decision making."

A New Standard of Connectivity
The AtlasFive® Mobile App meets the needs of today's connected, on-the-go families. It builds on the breakthroughs made by Eton Solutions in creating a trusted, all-in-one platform for managing the complex affairs of ultra-high-net-worth families and providing greater access and transparency for users. In January, the company launched the AtlasFive® Client Portal, which provides near real-time, privacy-protected visibility and approvals of family office activities and information, including day-to-day net worth information.

The AtlasFive® Mobile App gives clients 24/7 access to family office data and processes. The Mobile App utilizes secure multi-factor authentication and SSO using SMS messaging or Microsoft's app authenticator to ensure client information is fully secure and can only be accessed by designated users managed by the family office. Family members see the same data the family office uses, eliminating confusion and reporting lags and ensuring family members and family office staff are always aligned. Although data is reconciled daily within AtlasFive®, family offices can choose whether the Mobile App reports on daily, weekly, or monthly financial information.

Among the features and capabilities of the AtlasFive® Mobile App are:

  • Instant governed transaction approvals with a click
  • Slice-and-dice reports for customized position views
  • Simplified communication with the office staff through the easy-to-use secure messaging functionality
  • Constant access to important documents
  • True net worth reporting refreshed daily, weekly, or monthly

A Platform for the family office of the Future
An ERP system for family offices, AtlasFive® was purpose-built to deliver unmatched process efficiency, data accuracy, and risk reduction for ultra-high-net-worth family wealth management. It is the only truly integrated, all-in-one technology platform that seamlessly connects all data, services and stakeholders within single and multi-family offices.

AtlasFive® ends family office reliance on manually intensive processes and disconnected, rudimentary point solutions that require duplicate data entry. Office personnel no longer need to use spreadsheets to reconcile, consolidate and aggregate data. Reporting is always timely and accurate, instead of being delayed by weeks or even months after a period closes. Ad hoc reports no longer require long hours of additional work. As a result, senior office personnel can devote more time to forward-looking analysis and advice to provide greater value to clients.

Used by some of the largest single-family and multi-family offices in the world and with over $425 billion in assets on the platform, AtlasFive® integrates such services as general ledger accounting, investment performance management, fund accounting, bill payment, and document management, while allowing family offices to adopt best practices for those services. Based on a single integrated source of data and a family office-specific data model, AtlasFive® uniquely accommodates the complex relationships of ownership within the family office, connecting all of the legal entities, individuals, assets, liabilities, accounts, and transactions that make up the operational management of the office. Eton Solutions also provides a range of outsourced services to family offices delivered by highly qualified professionals, including CPAs and CFAs trained on the full capabilities of AtlasFive®.

About Eton Solutions
Eton Solutions is a software and services company founded to handle the complexities of servicing ultra-high-net-worth families. Created by family office leaders, Eton Solutions' flagship product is AtlasFive®, an integrated platform with over $425 billion in assets under administration that holistically aggregates and manages all your office's data, reporting, and workflow processes. With one source of truth, Eton Solutions leads family offices into the future by maximizing efficiency and minimizing errors and risk. To learn more about Eton Solutions and to request a demo of AtlasFive®, please visit

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