Eve Group China Handicraft Cooperation with Qian Xinan Bouyei

The Weaving a Dream Fashion Show - Celebrating the 45th Anniversary of Ambassadorial Relations between the UK and China

Weaving a Dream - An Encounter with the Beauty of Traditional Chinese Handcraft

LONDON, Sept. 13, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- At 18:30 on 11th September, the Chinese Embassy and the UK-China Entrepreneurs' Club jointly celebrated the 45th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the UK and China by bringing China's traditional handicraft culture from the Bouyei people of Qian Xinan, China to London.

To celebrate the years of XYZ cultural exchange between the UK and China, the Chinese Embassy is holding a series of events including: the "Weaving a Dream" fashion show, the B&H creative platform launch and a traditional Chinese handicraft exhibition. This brings centuries of Bouyei culture from the mountains of South-West China to London, the world stage.

The Chinese Ambassador to the United Kingdom HE Liu Xiaoming and his wife, Lady Hu Pinghua, hosted guests from the UK business community, investment, fashion and culture, as well as media and education community.

Eve Group is leading China's garment industry, having dedicated 23 years to the exploration and utilization of Chinese aesthetical concepts. With a heart for the common good, Eve Handcrafts was established - a premium platform for delivering Chinese handicraft DNA and services. The chairman of EVE Group and the founder of Eve Group China craftsmanship, Ms. Xia Hua, has established 13 handicraft museums in China's rural areas over the past 15 years, collating over 3000 traditional Chinese embroidery drafts. To date over 5000 female embroiders have participated in the platform to showcase their embroidery. The platform developed a targeted model to alleviate poverty in these regions that advocates "discovery, integration, innovation and practice". Thus, it has developed a business model which trains underprivileged weavers in embroidery and services. Weavers from rural areas are thus able to earn money through their embroideries and are gradually moving out of poverty through the support of EVE Group China craftsmanship while maintaining their traditional way of life.

At the launch of the B&H platform Lady Barbara Judge, UK Business Ambassador and Chairman of the Institute of Directors, announced that the B&H creative platform founded by Ms Xia Hua and herself will serve as a bridge bringing Chinese fashion to the world stage. As such the platform will promote Sino-British cultural industry exchanges and support the protection and re-creation traditional Chinese fashion.

In the evening, four Bouyei singers performed ancient folk songs, traditionally sung during embroidering. EVE CINA brought 45 dresses inspired by Chinese embroidery, 24 sets of accessories with Chinese elements designed by Guojin Gold Co., Ltd. to the runway and presented the astounding beauty of Chinese handicraft and fashion to London.