Everpro Launches New Sales App Powered by eBaoCloud to Enable Mobile Sales

SHANGHAI, Nov. 13, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Everpro Insurance Brokers Co., Ltd. (Everpro), a top insurance broker in China has recently started using "Everpro E-Bao" as its mobile sales and training tool. Over 6,000 Everpro brokers will use the tool to sell hundreds of life insurance products from 13 insurance companies. Powered by the eBaoCloud, "Everpro E-Bao" is a comprehensive service platform and supports all types of insurance transactions, calculations, benefit illustrations, training and communication, and knowledge sharing.

Everpro ranks among the top three insurance brokers in China. 2017 marked its sixth year in operation. Its rapid development in recent years has brought new business premiums worth RMB1.78 billion, up 123% YoY, and its MDRT members have grown to 1,232, up 96% YoY and ranking 9th globally.

"Everpro's ranking in MDRT membership numbers continues to rise. We are 9th in the world as of 2018, far outpacing our peers. We owe this achievement to our customized professional training strategies," commented a spokesperson for Everpro. "eBaoCloud is a powerful technology engine with extensive proven client success cases domestically and abroad. With the connectivity and enablement capabilities provided by eBaoCloud, Everpro E-Bao enables us to provide our clients with more convenient, efficient and quality services, and it will greatly facilitate communication and knowledge sharing between our business team members."

"It is an honor for eBaoTech to partner with Everpro, provide key technologies and consulting services and support Everpro to carry out its strategies. eBaoCloud is designed as an open technology engine based on API and cloud-native architecture for insurance carriers, traditional channels, new affinity partners, and FinTech/InsureTech companies, to foster the industry's innovation and business growth," said Dr. Mo Woody Mo, President of eBaoTech. "We will continue to pursue our company mission of 'make insurance easy' when the industry is moving to the digital age."

About Everpro Insurance Brokers
Founded in May 2011, Everpro is a national, comprehensive insurance broker headquartered in Beijing and is approved by the China Insurance Regulatory Commission. Everpro had a registered capital of RMB80 million as of 2016. In November 2014, Everpro Insurance Brokers Co., Ltd. of Taiwan invested in the company. Since its establishment, Everpro has been dedicated to providing top-notch professional broker services through its steady and active operations. It has 16 branches in Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Tianjin, Suzhou, Shandong, Ningbo, Qingdao, Sichuan, Hubei, Fujian, Henan, and Heilongjiang. As of 2018, the company had a network of 41 outlets and business offices, laying a solid foundation for serving a broader range and distribution of clients. Please visit http://www.eplbks.com/ for more information.

About eBaoTech
eBaoTech is a digital solution provider to the global insurance industry and our mission is to "make insurance easy". We do business in more than 30 countries globally, serving over 200 carriers and numerous agents, brokers, InsurTech's and others in the insurance ecosystem. Digital insurance is the coming wave and the insurance industry is moving into the API economy. eBaoTech provides solutions and services that enable digital insurance.

eBaoTech has been dedicated to insurtech innovation since its founding in 2000. In 2001, eBaoTech developed world's first browser/server based insurance core system suite, leading the advent and adoption of Java-based 3G insurance IT. In 2015 eBaoTech launched the world's first distributed, cloud-native and microservices based 4G insurance platform, that provides a complete set of insurance APIs across an insurance policy's full lifecycle. eBaoTech offers a cloud based solution that enables digital insurance and enterprise level core system insurance software. We make insurance easy. More information, please visit www.ebaotech.com.

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