Evidence-based book ‘Managing at the Leading Edge’ navigates leaders through critical business change

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - Media OutReach - Jun 23, 2017 - To help leaders succeed against today's constant disruptive change, Tom Rose, Ph.D and a psychologist with over 25 years' experience in leadership development with global organisations, has launched a new evidence-based book, Managing at the Leading Edge: Navigating and Piloting Business Strategy at Critical Moments (McGraw-Hill, May 2017, $44.95) .

Technology, globalisation and demographic shifts provide new potential for personal and business success. Yet, research compiled by global leadership development organisation , AchieveForum shows that just 30% of attempts to implement change succeed, amid the turbulence encountered both outside and within organisations. It's clear leaders need new ways of thinking and doing to turn potential into performance.

In 'Managing at the Leading Edge' Tom, who is Global Head of Innovation and Client Solutions at AchieveForum , provides a new roadmap for leadership success in Australia's dynamic business environment.

Highlighting lessons for business leaders from navigation and piloting practices used in high performing sailing, Tom compares our contemporary "white water" business environment to the sea. He explains how achieving goals requires choosing a destination amidst uncertainty, how to adjust to continually shifting conditions and convert the push and pull of environmental forces into momentum, and ways to use different skills at different times to negotiate hazards and achieve success.

'Managing at the Leading Edge' provides a framework of leadership supported by real life insights about personal and organisational high performance. Tom's research includes surveys of over 1,000 senior and mid-level leaders, the results of over 100 interviews and his extensive consultation experience with many leading Australian organisations.

Through case studies, discussion of relevant research, practical tools and templates, 'Managing at the Leading Edge' will help leaders to learn:-

The critical tasks for leaders, navigating and piloting that lead to successful business change Leadership skills through which the critical tasks of navigating and piloting are successfully executed including accountability, influence, problem solving agility and engagement Strategies and tactics for managing points along a strategic initiative's leading edge through which resistance to change is converted into momentum and progress Leadership practices that create organisational high performance

Armed with these high performance leadership capabilities, leaders will be able to recognise and act on opportunities for greater leadership impact and achieve the results that matter for them, their colleagues and their organisation.