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Expanding the Global Market, GWM TANK Holds the Brand Conference in Saudi Arabia

Expanding the Global Market, GWM TANK Holds the Brand Conference in Saudi Arabia

BAODING, China, July 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- On July 3, the GWM TANK held a brand conference in Saudi Arabia with its two star models, GWM TANK300 and GWM TANK500, which were officially unveiled to global customers.


The conference was held under the theme of "Limitless Experience". The TANK brand has created a new SUV category for global buyers. The brand also presented the audience with the brand attributes, including luxury, off-road mobility and intelligence.

"The TANK products will cover all commuting needs and satisfy users of different levels." said David Xu, General Manager of GWM Middle East Region.

"This being the first launch outside of China. It shows the acceptance of the Saudi market and the confidence GWM has in the success of this brand, " Mr. Faisal AI Quraishi, a senior representative of the local dealership, said.

At the same time, GWM TANK300 was officially opened for pre-order and another heavyweight model, GWM TANK500, was also unveiled to the public.

GWM TANK places a premium on luxury and comfort. Both models on the show adopt several sound insulation and noise reduction design schemes, which can allow users to enjoy a high quality of silence even in noisy environments. The seats also feature different user-friendly designs, such as the soft and delicate leather used for the seats in the high-end version of GWM TANK300.

The models of this brand also boast solid off-road capabilities. Both displayed models are equipped with a host of specialist off-road devices, such as electronically controlled mechanical differential lock for front and rear axles. When the vehicle is stuck on a potholed road and one of the wheels slips, the driver can use the electric button to lock the differential and get out shortly.

Intelligent off-road is another outstanding performance of this brand. Its products are manufactured based on the "GWM TANK Platform". The platform has three features, including powerful, intelligent off-road and highly reliable. Regarding off-road intelligence feature, both models are equipped with a Crawl Control System, which could give drivers an easier and safer driving experience. When the system is activated, the vehicle can automatically perform power control and braking. The driver only needs to control the direction of driving to pass the road safely and smoothly.

Currently, the GWM TANK has already been a popular choice in the Chinese market since its launch. According to the sales report released by GWM, the GWM TANK SUV already has a penetration rate of over 50% in the off-road segment in China after being launched about one year.

GWM plans to launch the GWM TANK500 in Saudi Arabia later this year. Both TANK models, GWM TANK300 and GWM TANK500 will be released successively in other global markets, such as Australia, South Africa, ASEAN, South America, to stir up continuous waves of "TANK Trend" worldwide.

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