Explus unveils its new Condition Option trading product

LONDON, Jan 20, 2020 - (ACN Newswire) - Explus has unveiled the Condition Option, its third innovative option trading product and a new milestone in its product development. Explus (www.explus.com) is a blockchain derivatives trading platform operated by Explus Broker International Ltd., which focuses on benchmark pricing of digital currencies such as bitcoin, Shanghai Stock Index, Hang Seng Index, Nasdaq, and others for ultra-swing traders. With option innovation as the goal, it has successively launched trading products such as the Trend Option, Boundary Option and Condition Option.

Explus unveiled the Condition Option on January 15, 2020, its third innovative option trading product and a new milestone in its product development.

Explus has been growing steadily, its influence having been been felt in Europe and North America. In 2020, Explus plans to promote its business in Asia.

Since the release of its first product in August 2019, Explus has developed a number of innovative financial derivatives trading products. Aiming at the existing blockchain trading markets and the international financial status quo, Explus uses innovative blockchain technologies to meet the needs of swing traders in terms of market model, prompt judgment, quick delivery, high-speed retracement and return, for a high-yield and low-risk investment experience. Facing issues such as intensive trading time, long investment cycle, high investment threshold and complex trading rules, Explus proposes precise solutions to enable swing traders to invest fairly, quickly and simply with innovative options trading.

Adhering to just, open and fair principles, Explus provides protection for swing traders. Its characteristics include low investment thresholds, simple rules, controllable risks, safe and transparent funds, and fast deposit and withdrawal. The platform has recently opened a digital currency deposit and withdrawal channel. At present, it supports dual channels of both fiat currencies and digital currencies, including Bitcoin (BTC), Tether (USDT), etc.

Explus has been growing steadily. Based in London, UK, the global financial derivatives center, its influence has been felt in Europe and even the world. In November 2018, its St. Vincent branch were officially established as an operations center for the overall development of the project and to provide a resource network for the project's operations in South America. In 2020, Explus plans to promote its business in the Asian market, including Japan, South Korea, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore and other countries.

The Explus core team, having entered the European and American markets, actively realizing the globalization and localization of project development, is highly focused on the design and development of high-quality product, striving to adopt international concepts and pursue the research and development of cutting-edge technologies. Outstanding high-end talent from the industry will be introduced to the team, further enhancing present product with better user experience.

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